Chelsea Captain John Terry Suffers Ankle Injury

Chelsea Captain John Terry has injured his ankle in the recent match against Swansea. The match, which was played on Sunday, resulted in a 2-2 draw. Terry’s role as captain and his skill as a player both heavily impact the team’s performance. At a time when Chelsea needs all players to be in top form, his injury can affect their success during upcoming matches.

Terry’s ankle was sprained and he had to be led off the field on crutches. A rolled ankle is a fairly common football injury. It can affect performance and is quite painful. Since there is bleeding within the foot and inflammation inside the tissues, dexterity is usually limited for a while. Football sprains in this area are usually caused by the ankle twisting inwards as a player runs or while they are moving the ball.

Chelsea Captain John Terry Suffers Ankle Injury

Chelsea Captain John Terry Suffers Ankle Injury

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The length of time that it takes for the injured defender’s ankle to heal will depend on several factors. The primary one is the extent of the damage. In some cases a sprained ankle may only affect the ligaments around the ankle. This is painful but it usually heals a lot faster. In cases where the capsule around the ankle joint has also been damaged, it will take longer for a player to get back to full form.

Chelsea is currently awaiting news from medical practitioners who will examine the team captain’s ankle. A scan has to be done to determine the extent of damage to the tissues and eliminate the possibility of other complications. It was hoped that this could be done on Monday but with the degree of swelling surrounding the ankle, this has not been the case. Doctors hope that they will be able to do the scan on Tuesday.

While ankle injuries may not look bad initially and players are often able to walk off the field, they become worse as the days pass, due to swelling and inflammation. Terry’s injured ankle could affect both his balance and stability in future games. This sprain also increases his risk of getting another sprain in the future. That could lead to more time missing from these upcoming games.

Leicester City’s Nampalys Mendy also has an injured ankle and is not expected to return to fighting form until September 17. His ankle was injured around late August. While Terry’s injury will make him unable to play, he should be back on the field again by the end of September. Players with knee injuries, such as Sunderland’s Larsson, often take months to recover. Larsson should be on the field again on February 4, 2017.

Being on the sidelines is an undesirable turn of events for any player, including the Chelsea captain. Terry was last forced to sit on the bench for a while after a match against Newcastle United. He injured his hamstring during that game. At 35, he is an integral part of Chelsea’s defence.

Together with Gary Cahill, Terry helped Chelsea earn the best defensive record for 2015. Only 32 goals were conceded during the 2014-2015 campaign. Bettors may expect him to have a similar effect in any Premier League matches remaining for 2016. The Liverpool match is set for Friday and it is unlikely that he will recover in time for that game.

The timing of this injury could not be worse for some Chelsea fans, as the team prepares to face Liverpool. Bettors who were in favour of Liverpool winning that match may think that their odds have improved. They may approach providers such as CMC Markets with more confidence after hearing that there is a chance that the experienced defender may not be available.

If Terry is unable to play, Chelsea’s defence may consist of players such as Gary Cahill and David Luiz. Kurt Zouma also has a lot of experience as a centre-back but he sustained a knee injury in February. Chelsea does not have a lot of defensive players with experience in the Premier League. This may be something that they have to pay more attention to in the future. Two or more injuries in their defence could greatly affect their odds of winning Premier League matches this season.

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