Charming and Historic Milford, Penn.

If you have ever traveled from New York State on route 84 into Pennsylvania, then you have seen the sign for Milford, Penn. Located only 75 miles from New York City, you couldn’t find a place less like the Big Apple. Milford is known as the birthplace of the American Forest Conservation Movement. With a population of only slightly over 1,000 people you are not going to have to worry about crowds of locals, the same can’t be said of tourists.

What brings people to Milford? There are several very worthwhile local attractions. One of my favorites is the Pike County Historical Society at the Columns. This is a local history museum that also has one of the nation’s most historic flags in its possession.

The night that Abraham Lincoln was shot, his box at Ford’s Theater was draped with a flag, this flag was later used to cradle his head. His blood still stains the flag. Any lover of history and the Civil War era in particular will find this poignant. There are many other interesting artifacts in the museum including a shirt worn by the largest man who ever lived in Pennsylvania, and it is huge.

Another not to be missed destination in Milford is Grey Towers. This is the former home of the father of the Conservation Movement, Gifford Pinchot. The Pinchot’s were French Hugeuenots who came to the area shortly after it was founded in the early days of the nineteenth century. James Pinchot the father of Gifford built this lovely mansion and today it is considered a national historic landmark.

Grey Towers has hosted several presidents and Gifford Pinchot was himself the governor of Pennsylvania. The house must be visited on a guided tour. You tour the first floor of the house and some of the outdoor spaces. It is well worth your time.

The grounds are quite impressive as well. You can walk on trails into the woods and visit the waterfall on the property. Pinchots are still active in the area and they are still implementing green technology at Grey Towers.

Staying in Milford is amazingly lavish. The Hotel Fauchere has hosted some very famous people in its day and if you are looking for a top notch place to stay, this will certainly hit the mark. They also have two very highly rated restaurants. Hotel_Fauchere_front_Milford_PA

I have a couple of other favorite restaurants in Milford. If you are looking for a delicious breakfast the Waterwheel Café is the place to stop. They have a bakery that serves some scrumptious pastries but that isn’t all that is great. I love the Challah bread French toast with fresh fruit, it is worth the drive just for these. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a bar. You can even visit the waterwheel while you are waiting for your meal.

Our other favorite restaurant is the Apple Valley Pub and Restaurant. You can expect great sandwiches and soups, always fresh, always generous portions and always friendly service. My favorites include a super open face Reuben and an even better chicken pot pie in a bread bowl. You can also get steaks and larger meals but we seldom do.

We often stop in Milford, Penn. just to do some shopping. There are several very interesting antique stores as well as a nice variety of craft and small independent merchants. Milford is a wonderful small town to visit, you can come on a day trip or come for a week, with the proximity of the Delaware Water Gap and the Delaware River, you will find plenty to keep you entertained.

Photo credit:  GNU Free documentation License. by Beyond My Ken

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