How to Charge your Tablet or Smartphone Fast?

In recent times the smart mobile devices viz the Tablets and smartphones have become more than necessary in our day to day life. With all this needs, these smart mobile devices only tend to become an extension of your hand in a few cases if not more. For smart devices there are a lot of varieties. There are devices that run on android and iOS for iPad and iPhone that are more popular, followed by the Windows devices and Blackberry. 

To work well, however, these small and smart handy gadgets need energy which they draw from batteries and the batteries in turn needs regular charging. In fact, because these devices usually have large requirements, the loads are also relatively common and are ideally done once in every one or two days. There are also demanding users who charge their devices even two or three times a day! However, the problem with the batteries lies not only in the frequency of loading. 

The best thing we can do is to plan ahead the load of our devices when we do not need our smart devices, eg when we go to sleep at night. Also one good thing would be, whenever possible, it is better to conduct a full charge cycles. But can we do anything if we want to charge our device very quickly so as to use it in a forth coming business meeting or in some other emergent situation? 

Let us look at a few tricks: First, disable those networks which you do not need such as the GPS, the bluetooth, the wi-fi and the 3G. These networks only dry up the battery very soon. For even faster charging of the battery, it is recommended to turn your mobile or tablet on flight mode thus closing all the networks including the plain 2G mobile network. In this way the load can be accelerated to a very great extend.  

Second, lower the monitor’s brightness to the minimum. This helps because after charging the wireless networks, more battery power remains in the screen. If you want even faster charging then you must close the mobile phone or tablet completely and connect the charger to the socket and then disable the device. Of course, you should not forget that the above tricks apply only to accelerate the load and not the quality. Anyway all batteries have limited life cycles of some complete charge and discharge function. 

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