Challenges Faced by Top Chief Learning Officers Worldwide

Speaking about the challenges faced by a top chief learning officer, which can range from how to effectively train employees to align the learning and development department to the organizational goals, let’s first understand who or what is CLO? How does he or she shape the learning curve of an organization?

As a chief learning officer, your role in an organization is quite crucial and hence quite a responsible one at that too. But if you are planning a career as a Chief Learning Officer, then here’s something you need to know about CLO.   

Who Is A CLO?

CLO or Chief Learning Officer is a person who is skilled enough to take the leadership roles & responsibilities and is completely aligned with the eLearning environment of today. While the position is not new one, the role of Chief Learning Officer is more elaborate and goal oriented.

So what are the basic responsibilities of a chief learning officer.

Chief Learning Officer Responsibilities – Why Do Organization Need One?

Have you ever wondered what are the responsibilities of a Chief Learning Officer? Why does an organization need a CLO? Well chief learning officer responsibilities include

  1. Developing organization’s learning/educational goals
  2. Promoting knowledge management
  3. Administering latest technology for organization
  4. Promoting the importance of learning and return of investment (ROI) to shareholders.

What Are The Challenges Faced By Top Chief Learning Officer?

A Top CLO faces lots of challenges in his or her day-to-day work. Interestingly these challenges are also the criteria on which the performance of top chief learning officer is judged. So here are the criteria basis which a top CLO’s performance calculated.

  1. How efficiently he or she can train employees and convert them into performing consultants.
  2. How efficiently he or she can get the learning and development department align to the business strategies of an organization.
  3. How can he or she ensure competency in the employees

While these are the basis by which a CLO’s performance is judged, these are also some of the challenge areas a top CLO faces in the current scenario. Of course there are other challenges as well like lack of understanding within an organization with regards to the new learning program initiated by a chief learning officer. As if this is not enough a chief learning officer also has to bear with the lack of right training professional for the team. In addition, to all this, organization expects a chief learning officer to know what results to expect post the learning intervention.

As if dealing with the above situations is not enough, a chief learning officer has to deal with situations that can be both challenging and bothersome. In fact, more than a challenge these some more challenges that generally bothers a top chief learning officer. Yes, more than a challenge these are situations that bothers a top CLO, as he or she is essentially responsible for the learning curve of an organization.

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