Celebs We Lost in 2014

When we look back over the year 2014, it was a year when the world lost some well loved celebrities. Here are just a few of the celebs we lost in 2014.

Joan Rivers– This is perhaps the most tragic loss of all in 2014, it was so senseless and if indeed it turns out to have been totally avoidable, the saddest loss as well. She was such a ground breaker for women in comedy and there is not another like her. Her acerbic humor didn’t fool anyone who knew her, she had a heart of gold.

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Robin Williams– It is hard to imagine a world without the actor/comedian. He seemed so full of life and had such a huge personality. It just goes to show that we never know what is going on inside someone’s head.

James Garner– Many of us grew up on James Garner as the suave Brett Maverick and his popular Polaroid commercials with Mariette Hartley. It was however, his role in the Notebook that introduced him to a new generation.

Lauren Bacall– Her voice was and is so recognizable that it alone would have made her well know, marrying Bogie guaranteed it.

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Shirley Temple Black-Best known for her childhood films than her adult life, the curly haired toddler has been winning people’s hearts for more than 70 years.

Meshach Taylor– While he was not exactly a household name, if you are a fan of Designing Woman you know him as the ex-con Anthony who had such a great way of dealing with Suzanne.

Casey Kasem– The family struggle that ensued over the end of Casey’s life has to sadden anyone who grew up listening to is magical voice doing the countdown on the radio.

Mickey Rooney– With a career that spanned over 80 years, he transitioned from child star to Broadway great. His “Andy Hardy” series made his career, his massive talent kept it going.

Ralph Waite– Best known for his role of John Walton Sr. on the Walton’s, he had found a great new role as Jethro’s father Jackson Gibbs on NCIS.

These are just a few of the celebs that we lost in 2014. This is my own personal list of those who I will miss, there are so many others who while they deserve to be mentioned, are not felt as a personal loss by me.

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