Causes of Little Finger Joint Pain, Swelling and Redness

The little finger or pinky finger is one that is subject to joint pain, redness and swelling, just as with other parts of the body. This finger is sometimes decorated with rings by men and women.

However, some people shy away from doing so for various reasons, such as the type of work that they do. If you like wearing rings or even doing certain types of work, it can be hard to do this when your little finger is misshapen or painful.


Causes of Little Finger Joint Pain, Swelling and Redness

Causes of Little Finger Joint Pain, Swelling and Redness


Arthritis and Little Finger Joint Pain

Arthritis is one of the common causes of pain in the fingers. This commonly affects the index finger, wrist and knees. Arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, can cause swelling, difficulty with movement and redness.


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Osteoarthritis a Cause of Pain in the Little Finger

Osteoarthritis can also cause little finger joint pain. With osteoarthritis, the smooth cartilage that made movement easy starts to wear away. This fraying results in a rough surface that makes movement painful.

This type of pain usually affects people who are older. Your risk of developing osteoarthritis increases if the joint has been injured in the past or people in your family suffer from osteoarthritis.


Bone Growths on the Little Finger

Bone growths on the fingers are sometimes seen in people who have osteoarthritis. These bone growths are called nodes. There are two types of nodes. Heberden’s nodes are located on the end joints of fingers. Bouchard’s nodes are found on the middle joints of fingers.


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Elbow And Finger Arthritis Gloves

Elbow and finger arthritis gloves help people who have pain in their pinky finger and other parts of their arm due to arthritis. Finger arthritis gloves allow you to have more function in your hand with less pain. You can drive and use a keyboard more comfortable. They help a lot with pain in the cold.


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What to Expect in a Medical Examination

Doctors will use different medical tests to determine what is causing little finger joint pain. They usually check to see what range of motion is available by examining the finger in different positions. They listen for creaking noises known as crepitus that can indicate that bones are rubbing against each other in the joint.

X rays are a valuable diagnostic tool. They can reveal excess fluid in the joint or other problems such as bone spurs. Doctors may also choose to to lab tests which eliminate diseases that have similar symptoms to arthritis.


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