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Review: FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats

If you have a cat or a dog with a lot of fur, chances are you have heard of the FURminator line of brushes. They are designed to get at the animal’s undercoat and remove all the loose hair and therefore reduce the amount that they shed.   I had heard about FURminators years ago but was not willing to shell out the funds to buy one. Due to the amount of Amazon credits I had, I decided to splurge. I talked to some friends who mentioned that they use them on their pets and they find them useful so[...]

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The Incarnations by Susan Barker

This is the third novel by Susan Barker, an author with a British and Malaysian Chinese race. The book has been the product of years of thorough study of China’s ancient times after she moved to Beijing in 2007. Unfolding China’s transition across centuries, two repeatedly reborn souls meet at different points in the course of history. The lives had crossed centuries describing China’s past: the heroic age of the Tang Dynasty, the cruel assault of Genghis Khan all through the court of an autocratic Ming Dynasty leader, the combat zones of the Opium War and the blood-spattering interrogation[...]

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Writedge as Your Squidoo Alternative?

With the news that Squidoo is closing down—well, merging with HubPages—you’re possibly looking for alternatives to write on. Even if you’re happy with HubPage (I know I like the site), you don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. So, what do you think about the idea that Writedge would make a good Squidoo alternative? You may be thinking that I’m saying this because I write for Writedge. I don’t gain anything from you signing up, except to help the site grow. I really do believe that it is a great additional writing site and I’m glad[...]

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Twelve days left to decide

It is not a lot of time to make your mind up about what you intend to do, but for me, as a giant squid who had at one time over 300 posts published at squidoo,the answer was really straightforward. I am not, and never was a fan of hubpages, because I frankly found the site far too picky over the small things, and like squidoo, you do not make money really unless you are active as an affiliate, advertising and selling stuff for others, like amazon, on the posts you write by providing affiliate links. This is not,[...]

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How to Move Your Content From Squidoo to Writedge

Last year I moved most of my content from Squidoo because I had finally grown tired of the ridiculousness going on over there. Now that they’ve sold their tribe to Hubpages, I’m sure many people will be looking for a home for their content. Here are the steps I used to move my content over to Writedge. Step 1 Save the text, images, and URL of your lens, then delete your lens from Squidoo. Step 2 Ask Google to deindex your lens by visiting its removal tool here – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals This can take as little as a day or[...]

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Leaving Squidoo for Writedge Was Great Decision

I am now in the process of taking all of my content out of the Squidoo site. I am one of the so-called elite there in that I got to Giant Squid status, was awarded Purple Stars for several of my posts – known there as lenses – and generally at one point had well over three hundred complicated and comprehensive articles on there.  It seemed at first like a great site to write for, but I soon realised that the admin there wanted writers to focus far more on what they could earn through sales of stuff advertised[...]

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Squidoo Purchased By HubPages: What Should the Writers Do

In some ways, Squidoo being purchased by HubPages makes sense. The two sites have a lot of similarities, right? They both have these different modules or hubs that you can create to break up your article with ease. They both allow affiliate links (and both require you to share the profit with them). Actually, it makes a lot of sense. These are two very similar sites with different names. The Biggest Problem Writers Are Having With This? HubPages and Squidoo have both been around for a while. These are two different sites and two different streams of income. This[...]

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How to Create Ravishing Grunge Background in Adobe Photoshop

From this tutorial you will learn how to create grunge style background by using only default brushes and custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you work with another version of the program, you can use this tut as guidelines and experiment with another brushes and custom shapes. STEP 1 Start by creating a new Photoshop .psd file (File, New). Insert 3000px for Width and 2000px for Height. Set Resolution to 96 Pixels/Inch and Color Mode to RGB. I have chosen Transparent for Background Contents. STEP 2 Now we are going to fill the transparent background with color. First[...]

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August Goals Update

How are your own ambitions – if you actually stated them – for the month of August shaping up?  As we have now reached the half-way point, I thought it might be time to update my fellow writedgers about my own situation. I stated at the beginning of the month that my first priority was to aim for reaching the next milestone in terms of posts published, which for me was the 600 mark, and in all honesty I am bounding toward it at a fair old pace. I have now seen 580 posts published – this is number[...]

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6 Review

I’m very behind on this again. Moving home and going on holiday hasn’t made it easy at all. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to watch all the episodes this weekend to catch up. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get the reviews posted, but I’ll be taking notes to make sure I avoid getting details in episodes mixed up. Anyway, it’s time for my review on season 5 episode 6 of Pretty Little Liars. I’ve found it an interesting episode, although I’m really wondering where this season is going to go! Alison Doesn’t Seem to Have[...]

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