Cat Sleeping Pills- Safe To Make Your Feline Sleep?

Cat sleeping pills are sometimes considered as an option to help felines sleep. However, before you give your cat any medication that can interfere with their consciousness, think of the side effects.

Remember that any type of drug that is used to help cats, dogs or even humans sleep can be dangerous. Always check with your vet before giving sleeping pills to cats. It may be tempting to give your cat just a pinch of your sleeping pills but this can cause serious reactions.

Even if you have tried it in the past and have not noticed any ill effects, it is a dangerous thing to do. You could be doing damage to your cat that you cannot see.


Cat Sleeping Pills- Safe To Make Your Feline Sleep

Cat Sleeping Pills- Safe To Make Your Feline Sleep


Sometimes the cause of your cat’s insomnia is some change that you all have made. You may have moved to a new apartment and your cat is feeling unused to new sounds and smells. The long journey to a new place may also have been stressful for them.



Sleeping pills for cats

Sleeping tablets for cats

Cat insomnia after surgery


Pets that have recently moved should be confined to your new home for a while until they adjust. Keep doors and windows closed so they cannot go exploring outside in an environment that they are not accustomed to. Creating a comfortable place for them with a soft bed like this may make them more relaxed in their current home. Providing a bed for your cat also makes it less likely that they will sleep on furniture.


Benadryl For Cats To Sleep Or Travel

Some pet people consider giving Benadryl to their cat when they are having a hard time falling asleep. This may also be something that they think about when they need to travel on an airplane.

In most cases, their prime concern is the safety and well being of their cat. There are safer ways to ensure that your cat sleeps better at night or travels without any anxiety.



Cat sleeping tablets or Benadryl for cats to travel

Cat sleeping tablets or Benadryl for cats to sleep

Liquid Benadryl for cats


There are some cases where cats really need to be sedated for a few hours. If you want to use Benadryl or any other medication, make certain that you speak to your cat’s vet first. Your vet can tell you if it is safe to use the medication to make your cat sleep.


How To Travel With Your Cat


Sometimes cat sleeping pills that are safe for one cat are not safe for another because of other medication that they might be taking. This means even if your cat’s vet has said it’s okay to use cat sleeping pills for one cat and you already know how much that cat should take, it may not be safe to give the same dosage to another cat of equal weight. A pregnant cat, for example, should not take Benadryl.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and it will give you extra peace of mind if a vet gives you the okay to use something that is potentially dangerous with your cat. Your vet can always prescribe a mild sedative that suits your cat’s needs.

Make Your Cat Sleep Properly- Identifying Illnesses

Insomnia affects cats and dogs in the same way that it affects people. If your cat is not sleeping well, it can make them more irritable or aggressive during the day. Cats tend to be nocturnal. This means that when you want to sleep, they will be more active. Make sure you are not interpreting their normal behavior as insomnia.



Cat not sleeping at night

Elderly cat not sleeping

Sick cat not sleeping

Cat not sleeping after surgery

Cat not sleeping sign of pain


If you are thinking or giving cat sleeping pills because your cat has suddenly changed their behavior, you should see their vet. Sometimes a cat might not be sleeping well because they are older and are experiencing joint pain.

There are some illnesses that can interfere with your cat’s sleep habits. Your cat not sleeping may be a symptom of a serious illness, such as feline hyperthyroidism. It is important to have them visit the vet and get a medical examination.


Make Your Cat Sleep Through The Night- Creating A Relaxing Environment

Cats may sometimes have difficulty sleeping because they are not relaxed. Creating a more relaxing environment for them can help cats to sleep through the night.  This also helps with senior cats that are becoming disoriented with age. Cats insomnia after surgery can be due to stress. Helping them to relax can help them sleep better and heal faster.

Adding cat pheromones to your cat’s environment can help them to reduce tension during the day and help them sleep through the night. Cat pheromones help your cat to relax and can alleviate some of the stress that comes when a cat is suffering from illness. If your cat has developed a chronic illness that makes it harder for them to sleep, pheromones can help.

Cat sleeping pills can be avoided if your cat is already tired from a busy day. Make sure they have a lot to do during the day so they are tired at night. Play games with them or find activities like Catit Senses or Cat Amazing Maze that they can do on their own, even when you are away at work.

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