Cat Rehoming, three options

The decision to find a new home for yours or someone else’s cat can be a very emotional and stressful endeavor. Despite the difficulties involved, there are steps that you can take to make the transition as comfortable as possible. Due to the current population of cats in society today, cat re-homing has become a common option when finding yourself in a position where ownership is no longer feasible.

A valuable point to consider before pursuing cat rehoming is to evaluate the reason for doing so. Many reasons are obvious and unavoidable. These include a family member’s death, illness, allergies, financial difficulties, loss of shelter, unaccommodating work schedule, and the birth of a child. Other reasons may be less obvious; including behavioral problems and conflict between existing pets.

If the latter is the case, cat rehoming may be the last option to consider. Animal behavioral problems and conflicts are almost always the result of insufficient training. If you desire to keep your pet but have not committed to obedience training or classes, then re-homing is not the right choice for you. Many cat owners, upon discovering the power of obedience training, have been relieved to find that cat re-homing was unnecessary. The option works so well that unless your cat has psychological impairments, you are almost certain to alleviate any behavioral troubles. Some cats are notoriously playful, try to find ways to make the extra energy enjoyable for both.

Kittens, Cat Rehoming

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For those of you with no choice but to re-home, the following options are the best ways to re-home your cat humanely and provide it a stellar chance to thrive in a new environment:

Advertise to family and friends

Surprisingly, the largest percentage of cats needing adoption are rehomed by someone that is in the cat owners life . The easiest and most efficient way to prepare for this alternative is rather quick and requires little work. Just photo your cat in the most endearing manner you can create, and then write a bio in your computer’s word program. In the bio, state the obvious information but add the reasons for rehoming your cat. Make sure the story is touching without being too dramatic and include your cat’s best traits. This will further provoke anyone with interest to contact you.

Once your ad is complete, you can now email it to all of your family and friends. If you have co-workers you can also print out your ad and furnish it to whomever you feel might be interested. Never discount the possible person that may adopt your cat. You might be surprised who is interested or, even more important, who might know someone else that would be.

Utilize a re-homing service

This option is relatively new and has the power to do the searching for you. Online pet adoption services that assist with cat rehoming are now available and, for a fee, will do all the legwork necessary for rehoming your cat. Also, the most legitimate providers always screen prospective adoptive families, giving you peace of mind that your cat will go to a good home. If you don’t want to search out and ask others to adopt your cat, this is a viable option. Even though the fees can sometimes be surprising, the added benefit of letting someone else do the work is a nice choice to have.

Rescue centers

This option has its merits but is suggested to be your last choice for cat re-homing. The treatment of cats in these facilities is often exemplary due to astringent codes and laws but their statistics are against cat re-homing. The ASPCA states that of all cats entering rescue centers annually, approximately 37 percent are adopted compared to 41 percent being euthanized . This is an unfortunate occurrence born of necessity due to overpopulation. Because of these statistics, every attempt should first be made to re-home your cat by the other two methods before considering a rescue center.

In summation, the options available for cat rehoming can make your decision significantly less complicated. Knowing that there are other people and organizations available to assist you during such a difficult time makes the process much easier to bear.

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