Casting: Plaster vs Air Boot?

As most have you have read in one of my previous articles, I fractured a bone in my right foot. It’s been off and on hurting since Monday, June 9th.

Originally, the doctor had plastered my foot quite well on the Tuesday. Very well. As a lovely image to help you envision it better: My foot looked like Frosty the Snowman’s. (Better visualization? Good!)

Frosty the Snowman (TV program)

Frosty the Snowman (TV program) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All was well for that Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to take those days off to rest up and get myself accustomed to wearing the plaster cast. Though, I never had crutches or any other device that should have kept me off my foot at all too at this point.

Thursday was the day that really changed it all. I had gone back to work. Why? Because the doctor had said to keep off my foot for a couple of days. Which I did. I had also stayed over at my mom’s place, as she lived closer to my workplace than my current residence.

But, I took the back alley to get to work. Which was quite hilly if I do say so. 

Finally, I got to work. And, most of our floors there may look like they are either carpet or tiles, but the underside is built on concrete. My foot hurt ALL the way to the back of the store, where I promptly sat down to do that day’s paperwork. I may have taken a bit longer though, but honestly? I didn’t really care since the rest had felt nice at that point for the aching foot.

But, one of my co-workers wasn’t too pleased with me that morning. At all.

But, I was also just following orders from what my manager had told me a few days prior. Sit and relax. (And don’t do any heavy liftings.) 

That, was what I tried to do for the 3 hours I had to work for afterwards. Though, I did have to walk on it once more before leaving. (Yes, it did hurt.) 

Long story short? I ended up breaking the plaster cast. In a day. Well, Day 3 of when the cast had been molded to my foot.

Then came the air boot!

Yes, I had to get prescribed to wear an air boot after the plaster cast was removed. The components of this air boot are rubber, plastic and air. There is no chance of it breaking. None whatsoever!

Even though I actually borrowed an air boot from a friend. It was cheaper that way, considering these things are pretty expensive. 

One thing that I honestly wished I had asked? Why didn’t I just ask to borrow this air boot sooner?!

Makes things much easier!

So, which item do you think I would choose to recommend to others who have injured their foot to begin with?

If you guessed the air boot, then you are absolutely correct! Just be sure to talk to your doctor first to see if there is a need for one!

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