Can Work at Home Moms Make Money With Fan Fiction?

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After the success of 50 Shades of Grey and its sequels, many work at home moms found themselves wondering whether they could make money from their writing; specifically their fan fiction. It wasn’t just work at home moms, either. People all over the world wanted to know whether it was really possible to make money with fan fiction.

50 Shades of Grey certainly showed that it was possible. Yes, the book series started off as a Twilight fan fiction and if you look into the series enough you can see the similarities. I’m not going to go into them in this article, but just look at the dynamic of Anastasia and Christian.

So, is it possible for work at home moms to make money with their fan fiction? Does the work need to be crafted into something of their own? Here are a few options available.

It Depends on the Fan Fiction World

Which universe do you set your fan fiction in? If you follow through Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and even Gossip Girl, you stand the chance of making money with your fan fiction as it is at the moment. Amazon Worlds opened up an option for fan fiction writers, but not in all universes. Unfortunately for me there isn’t an option. Yes, I write fan fiction but mainly for fun to keep my creative juices flowing…more on that later in this article.

It really does depend on the fan fiction world. Some people certainly can make money without having to make changes to names or places.

The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction

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Interesting fact: L.J. Smith who wrote the original The Vampire Diaries series was booted off writing after book eight. She has written the novels in the way she sees them ending thanks to this Amazon option. They’re available for Kindle now and she’s already a couple of books into it. Some fans believe her series is better than the girl’s series who took over.

Make It Into Your Own Series

Work at home moms can take the route that E.L. James took and make the fan fiction their own. She knew she couldn’t make money with Twilight characters, so changed their names and family backgrounds. While there are similarities, enough has changed to avoid copyright issues.

This is the most popular option. There are more freedoms and better safety by choosing this option, and more earning potential since you’re not capped at 35% earnings like you are with Amazon Worlds.

Making fan fiction stories my own is my plan. The fan fiction allows me to develop plot points more than anything else when I don’t have the time to craft everything from scratch. It gives me the time to be creative, even when I’m struggling just to get through my daily workload. Once the plot is developed, I can work on developing my own characters instead of the ones from various shows. I’ve already done that once and will do it for many more.

Put It on Residual Income Sites

There are some residual income sites that will allow you to make money from your fan fiction as it is. HubPages is one of them, but there are plenty of others. This could be a great way to post your fan fiction as you write it and make a small amount of money from it.

Work at home moms can certainly benefit, but the earning potential isn’t great unless you get a large following. It’s important to remember that residual income sites do better with non-fictional content.

There is the chance that your content can be taken down. You could be breaching copyright by posting your fan fiction, so that is something to be aware of before posting.

Those are just three ways of making money with your fan fiction. Work at home moms, students and many others are already making money. Will you join them?

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