Campfire Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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A well-used pie iron cooking a cheese sandwich! Brett Neilson Flickr

Campfire grilled cheese sandwiches are the best! Making your grilled cheese on the wood fire gives the sandwich a wonderful, smoky flavor. You can use either a griddle or a grate. For a Panini affect, you can heat an extra cast iron skillet and place the hot skillet on top of the sandwich while you toast your goodness over the campfire.


Choose the Right Tools


Cast Iron Cookware


One of the advantages of making grilled cheese sandwiches is that you can do it in many ways. The best pan is a heavy cast iron skillet or griddle. You can even use a flat skillet lid as a griddle for well-toasted sandwiches.


If you don’t have cast iron, you can use stainless steel or other cookware. Typically, the campfire is too hot for non-stick cookware and will ruin the coating or even leach it into your food. Aluminum cookware generally cannot withstand the high heat of grilling either.


Other Cookware Choices


You can use other equipment. Sometimes, the grate over the fire has small enough spaces that the bread won’t fall through. Be sure to coat the grates well with oil to prevent your bread from sticking. You can use aluminum foil over the grate to prevent the sandwich from slipping through grates with wider gaps between the bars.


Another fun tool is the pie iron, sometimes called a “pudgy pie.” You can buy cast iron and aluminum irons. For children, the cast iron can be heavy. Sometimes, the pie iron may be too small to fit a large sandwich. It is a wonderful tool for smaller sandwiches. Try the round shape for some fun sandwiches!


Prepare Your Cookware


No matter what type of cookware you use, you need to prepare it by heating it well and seasoning it with butter, margarine, or cooking spray. You don’t want your delicious creation to stick. For stress free cooking, assemble your sandwiches before heating your pan.


Some people question why I butter or oil the pan and the bread. First, the butter gives the sandwich a wonderful, rich flavor and a crispy texture. Second, since people rarely get all of the surface of the bread buttered, bits of the sandwich can stick to an untreated pan.


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