The Cake Pop Trend: Can They Tempt You?  

Franchise Asia 2014 – I was surprised that cake pops are swiftly being recognized in Asia thousand miles away where it originally came from. Growing up in a baking business, I’m curious why these pieces of moist cakes in sticks sell.


Shari’s Berries (Image credit: Callan Paola Green – JPublicRelations, New York)

I supposed I first saw cake pops from Bakerella; the recipe book entitled Cake Pops. And Starbucks (US branch) sells a variety of flavors too. Today, cake shops are getting on the drift as well. Shari’s Berries make luscious Brownie Pops with Swizzled Strawberries. See how inventive they are incorporating cake pops with berries. Nashville Sweets in East Nashville also design cake pops and arrangements for special occasions.


The LolliCake Factory (Image credit: Redelyn Juan)

Cake decorator and pastry Chef LJ Moreno – Alapag, the owner of the first ever shop to offer cake pops in Asia, The Lollicake Factory, said her cake pop craving started in California. It was introduced to her by her wedding planner on the preparation of her wedding day. Aside from the bite-sized cake’s delectable taste, she was hooked and became very interested in lollicakes.

Why it became a big hit? 

  • It is easy to make. Cake pops are similar to baking a traditional cake. However, left over cakes can also be used. Crumble it into pieces with frosting, butter or any mix that will firm the crumbs together and form it into shapes. Attach a lollipop stick into the end, pointing upward and refrigerate it. Coat with candy or chocolate melts, and that’s it.Added time may be spent on shaping the cake and decorating it in characters. Plain shapes can be formed by hands, but complicated shapes require tools. Obviously, those available at stores have more polished and intricate designs than home-made cake pops. Nonetheless, they are both just so pleasing to the eyes. 


    Cake Pops by Frostings (Image credit: Redelyn Juan)

  • Cakes and confectionery artists find it quite easier to come up with unique designs than decorating tiered cakes. Candy sprinkles, swirls, floral pops, popular characters, company logos; it is much simpler to do it by hand.


    Character Cake Pops (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

  • It has an extensive market appeal. The idea of bringing cake pops to the particular occasions and corporate events can draw children and grownups. You can also have it for a casual afternoon tea. 
  • Another good thing is that you can combine flavors with the frosting such as red velvet with cream cheese. The Lollicake Factory offers dulce de leche and choconut.  Although they recommend unique flavors, I prefer the classic chocolate. But take this; it is not as rich as chocolate truffles. It’s like soften brownies.


Like cupcakes, croughnuts, French macaroons and ice cream cakes, it created its own buzz these past few years.  Let’s see how far this charming, appetizingly rich and moist lollicake would go through the food critiques taste buds.



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