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It’s undeniable that there are thousands and thousands of social media networks out there known and known. Big funded companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and many others are serving millions of users. As a writer, tapping into those social media traffic would benefit us a lot in the long run. Now the problem is that it is not easy to build social network profiles. It is hard to gain followers such as on Twitter, Page audiences on Facebook, Pinners on pinterest and others. It would require a lot of hard work for a first timer and even consume time and days doing so. For a small number of followers on twitter would require time, a thousand followers for example would give like 3 months to gain such niche related followers.

Social network traffic exist not only today but so in the future so the question is that when would  a person start doing some work into building and growing such profile? The definitely answer would be it should have been yesterday. I remember the time I saw some of my blogger friends who have over thousands of followers already on their social profile and gaining thousands of traffic each day without doing so much of work. I never really understand and value when I started blogging but now social network traffic changes everything.

I wanted to share social network profiles I am using for traffic that interest me the most and had been using for quite sometime.


Pinterest is ranked number 26 website all over the world having a page 9 ranking on Google search engine. What is Pinterest by the way? Basically, it is an image and videos sharing network . A person can share an image to the site, accumulates on a certain board which anyone could see it. A person who makes use of the site are called pinners. Each person could have followers also just like twitter and so with following option.


Reddit is more like of a forum type social media wherein anyone could share about what they think whether about movies, tv shows, world news etc. If a person has certain websites, he/she can share on this social media. The thing about reddit is that there are certain rules per forum or sub forum. Users using it are called redditors.  Currently ranked 36 website all over the world.


Tumblr is a called a micro blogging website. They are more focused on sharing contents on the internet on a blog version. Anyone can include links on their tumblr blogs. Also just like twitter, a person would have some certain privileges like followers, following and such. Alexa ranks Tumblr 37 as of this month. Personally this is one of my favorite way to get traffic, people can easily reblog your content, meaning they can share your post to their followers within a click of a button.

Of course, social media accounts are not limited to this sites there are thousands many other such as Big companies Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others.

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