New Bubblews Mobile App Raises Eyebrows

New Bubblews Mobile App

A new mobile app could provide a safety net for Bubblews CEO Arvind Dixit
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The Sweeble mobile app is causing a bit of a stir amongst current and former Bubblews users. The new product, which CEO Arvind Dixit claims is completely separate from Bubblews and will not interfere with anyone’s use of the social writing site, is set to launch sometime this spring. Nothing much is known about the app, except that it’s going to be available for iOS and Android and that it will have a similar but different purpose to that of Bubblews.

There was a bit of commotion over why Dixit has time and money to fund a new product, when Bubblews is in such dire financial straits. In fact, the CEO had to write a follow-up to his initial Sweeble announcement, just to reassure users that he wasn’t diverting funds from Bubblews to the development of this mobile app.

How Can Bubblews Fund a Mobile App?

Just over a month ago Bubblews defaulted on countless revenue share payments to its users. Many users lost hundreds of dollars, and some lost a thousand dollars or more. So it’s no wonder that the upcoming launch of a completely unrelated mobile app would ruffle some feathers. Why not fix what’s wrong with Bubblews, before trying to launch a new product? If there is to be a mobile app, why not at least develop one that will make it easier for current users to post and interact with one another on Bubblews?

It doesn’t take much searching to discover that “Sweeble” isn’t a new product. At least, it’s not a new product name. Actually, Sweeble was a self-publishing web site inspired by a journalism professor in the UK. It has a history going back to 2006 – and it is now defunct because the developers Sue Greenwood hired, didn’t do the job she contracted them to do.

So somewhere out there, Sweeble exists as a partially developed self-publishing platform that would allow ordinary people to do in print much the same thing they do online through Bubblews. And if Dixit can convince potential investors there’s enough interest in reviving the platform as a mobile app with a ready-made user base supplied by Bubblews, he may just manage to get the funding to do it.

In other words, Dixit may not have spent anything on the mobile app yet. Despite claims that he’s spent a tidy sum hiring developers for the project over the summer, it’s possible no money has yet changed hands.

Why Sweeble, Why Now?

Dixit has been promising a Bubblews mobile app for a while now. But why Sweeble instead of a Bubblews mobile app? A new and different product that operates independently of Bubblews is important, both from a financial and legal standpoint, now that users are seeking help from the Better Business Bureau and California’s Attorney General. Sweeble means Dixit can create himself a new job, just in case Bubblews’ bank accounts are frozen or the site goes out of business completely. It’s a safety net for the failed CEO, right when he most needs it.

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