Brighton- A Place Where Foodies Would Love To Travel

Grilled Chicken satay in white plate

Delicious food is the only thing that would definitely attract your towards a place. After all, food is the major attraction that you’ll always remember in future. Especially, the foodies all across the world, try visiting all the places offering good and delicious food. Brighton is also one of those places that are known for the tempting and lip-smacking food it offers from 5-star restaurants in Brighton to local street food, every cuisine will attract you towards it. The taste and the presentation both are so lip-smacking that a person, especially the one who enjoys food, cannot miss to have.

Brighton is just 476-minute train ride from London, on the south coast of England that combines traditional seaside fun with an artistic and free-thinking vibe along with a plate of your favourite Indonesian or Malaysian cuisine in front of you.  This entire sphere is just a dream come true for the foodies and the food bloggers.

Here is the taste that Brighton has to offer to its foodie visitors:

Multicultural Eats: The place is known for the multicultural eats it offers. The high-class restaurants and the street food vendors in Brighton, offer delicious food every corner of the globe. Be it Mongolian BBQ, Mexican tacos or the Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines by Bali Brassiere. The many restaurants in this city offers live events, special offers on meals excluding the New Year and Christmas time and also have arrangements for tropical bars. If you’re a food blogger, this place is worth visit for you and you’d surely love being here.

Tea Rooms: There are a few restaurants in this city that are known for the tea rooms wherein the customers enjoy having a creamy tea and homemade cakes. Colourful coffee, strawberry and vanilla cream meringues are a speciality along with the traditional British favourites such as Marmite on toast etc. These tea rooms offer a wide selection of special teas something a little more frivolous, sparkling wine from Sussex and much more. The decor is so splendid and the furniture is charmingly mismatched, still giving the place a fascinating ambience.

Veggie delights: The restaurant in Brighton is not only known for the seaside food, non-vegetarian cuisines but are also popular for the exclusive veggie and vegan delights they offer. These veggie friendly meals are amazing alternatives to the general range of meat-related cuisines. Some of the restaurants give an exquisite feel of India with their plating styles. Some restaurants are strictly following Indian themes to attract more visitors and also offer food that is far different from the basic British Indian restaurants. Apart from Indonesian or Mexican cuisines, these restaurants offers an authentic taste inspired from the Indian veggie cuisines including the ‘bhelpuri starter’ is winning hearts of the foodie visitors.    

Thus, Brighton does not only have space for the foodies who love sea food or craves for meat etc. This place even has a lot for its veggie-friendly foodie visitors. If you’re also a foodie, don’t miss visiting Brighton as it offers authentic and lip-smacking food variety from all across the globe.

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