Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection tips

Breast cancer

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If you’re able to detect breast cancer early enough, then chances of a successful outcome in treating it will be high.

This also calls for taking an active stance in your personal breast health through going for screening — something that has saved many lives where detecting breast cancer is concerned.

Prevention and Early Detection Tips

Both men and women should be familiar with the feel and appearance of their breasts at an early age. So if there are any changes, it’s worth reporting to the doctor.

But you should keep in mind that all lumps do not necessarily translate to breast cancer. In fact, 80% of all lumps found have not turned out to be cancerous.

To get best results, make sure you examine your breasts while they are not tender or swollen. And if you are a woman who is currently breast-feeding, you should examine your breast when they are empty. However, in the event that you have a breast implant, you should have your breasts examined by a doctor because it’s hard for you to distinguish between your own breast tissue and implants.


Risk Factors that are Beyond Your Control

– Being a female (men have 1% chance of developing this type of cancer)
– If you have dense breast tissue
– If you underwent menstruation before you reached age 12
– If you carry the BRCA1 and 2 gene mutation
– If you have a family history of breast cancer
– Your race or ethnicity, i.e. when you from the Ashkenazi Jewish origin


Warning Signs you Should Pay Attention to

You could look out for lumps, skin dimpling, change in skin color or how the nipples look, or presence of clear or bloody liquid coming out of your nipples.


Mammogram & Breast Screening

This is a technique that uses low-dose x-ray on the breast to examine the tissues if they are cancerous.

In the event that you are aged between 40 to 49, talk to your healthcare provider about having breast screening. However, if you are 50 and above, it is recommended that you have mammogram at least once every two years.

If you are 70 years and above, you can discuss with your healthcare provider about how often you should go for screening.


The Following are Lifestyle Choices that Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

(a) You should check on your weight especially after menopause.
(b) Limit your intake for alcoholic substances.
(c) It is also said that the longer you breast-feed, the higher the chances that you’ll be safe.
(d) Aim to engage in exercise for at least 60 minutes everyday.
(e) Limit your exposure to carcinogens if you can.

Looking for a Good Doctor

You should look for doctors who work at cancer-dedicated clinics or centers since these have special expertise in specific areas, plus they also have access to the latest treatments methods. Here, you can have specialty service, all under one roof. These involve nutrition, physical therapy, and even social work.

You can stop breast cancer from taking control of your life when you do the right thing at the right time. Follow these prevention tips and you’ll be safe at all time.

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