Book A Villa In Paxos To Enjoy An Excursion That You Would Like To Go For Every Year !

Those who have already visited the Paxos Island then it would  be hardly for them to visit any other place during the vacation to spend some quality time with their family and friends in the arms of seclusion. Located in the last corner of the Greece, the island is the smallest island of Ionian sea, that does not have even its airport for the tourists to land. Interestingly, despite of this drawback the  island witnesses the arrival of tourists in the huge number throughout the world, especially those who prefer to go at some tranquil place with abundance of natural elements.  The only way to reach the island is through boat, which could be hired from Corfu, the nearby city to the Paxos island which has its personal airport for the tourists to land.

The history of the island dates back to prehistoric times and it has been under the rules of several rulers. Interestingly the marks of all these rulers could be witnessed in the social, political and economical life of the natives at the Paxos island. Along with this, there is also a folklore about emergence of the island according to which the Greek God, Poseidon, blowed his trident over the southern part of the Corfu, that floated over the Ionian island and formed the Paxos island. It is said that the Poseidon created the island to spend some time with his lady Amphitrite.

Beaches at the Paxos Island: 

There are about 30 beaches at the island. An interesting feature of these beaches is that none of these are sandy. The beaches at the eastern coast have pebbles whereas the beaches located in the western coast have only sea rocks and deep cliffs. The only thing which is common about all beaches is that all of them have crystal clear water which makes them suitable for enjoying different types of water sport and boating.

One more interesting fact about the beaches at Paxos island is that all of them are covered with olive groves and abundance of vegetation. The popular beaches which are mainly visited by the tourists and also considered as the centre of different commercial activities are Monogonissi, Kaki Langada, Levrecchio, Kipos, Gianna, Soulanena, Balos, Monodendri and Glyfada.

It would be interested to know that where during the day time tourists have an opportunity of exploring the nearby beaches and villages, during the night they have an option of walking over the beaches, enjoy the beautiful view of fireflies, and the taste of native food served in the taverna.

Villas at Paxos Island:

As the island is visited by limited number of tourists who prefer to stay for long time to enjoy the tranquil and romantic atmosphere of the island, there is plethora of well developed, well maintained and well furnished villas that are constructed by the real estate business operators.  Interestingly,  to facilitate the tourists the owners of these villas have their official websites on which they reveal whole information about facilities offered to the tourists. After which depending upon their requirements the tourists can book any of the villa in Paxos according to their choice.

All these villas are mainly located in the green hills of the island and can be easily accessed from the port of the island. Each villa has a balcony, terrace and a lawn from where the tourists can enjoy the iconic view of the island throughout the day.  The common types of villas located at the Paxos island are Stone House, Glyfada House, Glyfada Beach Villa, Glyfada Beach Family Villa, Ionian Villa and Ionian Studio.

All these villas although vary in architecture but all are furnished with necessary furniture like beds, sofa set, tables and relaxing chairs. Similarly the kitchen is also equipped with necessary cooking facilities which includes oven, fridge, sink, tea and coffee making facilities etc.

In short it can be said that now days where staying in hotels is getting costlier with each passing day, staying in the villas not only offers you economic staying facility and but also offers lots of other privileges that you could not enjoy by paying high charges at some luxurious hotel in some well developed city.





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