Body Odor – Causes and Natural Ways to Combat Them

Body odor is a common problem. Millions of people of all races are facing it each day. . This is also one of the main reasons why commercial chemicals and synthetic odor-suppressing sprays and roll-ons have flooded the marketplace. Many artificial deodorants can effectively control body odor, but they contain chemicals that are not quite healthy. Besides, they do not really address the cause of the problem. The safest way to remove body odor is to treat its cause naturally. But you need a deeper understanding of its causes to be able to find ways to eliminate it.


Causes of Body Odor


The waste by-products of the body’s processes are the most possible culprits of body odor. The body’s digestive process, temperature control and cellular activities all produce waste in the form of fecal matter, sweat and dead tissues. All of them can cause body odor and it becomes worse with poor hygiene and bathing habits. We should be able to clean up the mess our bodies make to avoid that bad smell. These are some of the more specific causes of body odor:


Menstruation and Stress


Menstruation in women and stress can cause hormonal imbalance that can trigger the onset of offensive smell.


Foods Rich in Carnitine


Carnitine is a type of amino acid found in beef and pork. When ingested, it can leave residues in the digestive system particularly the intestines. These residues need to be broken down into an odorless state by enzymes called flavin monooxygenases. But if your body doesn’t have sufficient supply of these enzymes, your body can smell really bad.




Sweating is an important body function because it works to excrete toxins that can undermine your health. The downside of it, however, is it can make you smell bad. Sweat in its natural state does not really smell. It is the influence of normal skin bacteria that causes body odor.


How to Manage Body Odor Naturally


1. Use natural deodorants.


Herbal deodorants are all-natural and these do not contain aluminum which is a known health hazard.  To make sure that you are buying a really natural product, you should check the product label to see its ingredients.


2. Wash Regularly.


By bathing at least once a day, you can limit the bacteria that thrive on your skin. Bacteria are the real culprits of most offensive smells of the body. When washing, you should give special attention to known problem areas such as your feet, armpits and groin. Be sure to dry your self well after washing to prevent bacteria from proliferating fast


3. Spritz with Vinegar.


Vinegar contains antiseptic properties and it can kill organisms such as bacteria and fungi that thrive on your skin’s surface. When spritzing, focus on smelly areas and wipe them dry. Doing this can help to eliminate bad smells of the body.


4. Wear Clothes Made of Natural Fiber.


Clothes made of natural fabrics such as silk or cotton allows air to flow freely into your skin and keep it dry. This can help to keep bacteria from interacting with the sweat which can lead to body odor.


5. Choose what you eat.


If you are fond of eating spicy foods and drinking caffeinated drinks, you should slow down a bit especially if you have problems with body odor.


Body odor is already a problem as it is. You should not try to solve it by using products that can cause an even bigger problem. Fight body odor with natural detox deodorant. It eliminates offensive body smell while keeping you free from chemicals that cause harm to your body.


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