Is Body in Greek Tomb That of Alexander the Great?


At last the enormous and mysterious richly-decorated tomb from the time of Alexander the Great has archaeologists holding their breath. Why? Well it seems that a skeleton found and the experts are hoping that investigations  will solve the puzzle of the person for whom  this biggest burial mound ever found in ancient Greece was built.

The excavation of this monumental site has seen the study team uncovering enormous headless decapitated sphinxes and breaking through a wall guarded by two caryatids. Furthermore they uncovered an antechamber full of superb mosaics but until now had not found any human remains.

The skeleton was discovered in pieces scattered around a wooden coffin in the third room of the excavation and experts stated that these were clearly the remains of a powerful person. They speculate that the personage concerned might be mother of Alexander Olympias or his Persian wife Roxana.

Of course the remains could be those of one of his favourite generals or even those of Alexander himself but until deeper research can be completed no answers will be forthcoming. Indeed all of Greece is rapt with attention about this the staggering finds from this tomb are tangible reminders of a great and glorious history.

This huge tomb – nearly half-a-mile wide – with top quality mosaic work and stunning grave goods could only have belonged to somebody of the very highest status. It has been revealed that this edifice contained more marble than any other public building in ancient Macedonia and would have been hugely expensive to complete.

Macedonian specialist historian Miltiade Hatzopoulos claims that this could only be the burial site of a royal family member or members. She added that since this period was when the Alexander dynasty was at the height of power and naturally incredibly rich the signs were all fairly clear.

What is puzzling is the reason why this monumentally unique funerary edifice of the Hellenistic world is not mentioned in any historical document. Alexander met his death in Babylon it has always been thought that  he was buried in Alexandria in Egypt.

The vast burial mound which is over 100 ft high has been known of since the 1960s, but only really investigated since 2012 though what has been thus far unearthed has left more than one expert puzzled indeed and the mystery of the skeleton identity has the whole of Greece on tenterhooks.

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