Bluff View Inn in Chattanooga, Tenn.

When it comes to views in Chattanooga, Tenn, there is nowhere that can compare with the Bluff View Arts District. This is the area of town where the wealthy chose to make their home in days past. Today, it covers a block and a half and encompasses museums, galleries, restaurants and the Bluff View Inn. If you are looking for someplace interesting to stay, this is a good choice.

The Inn consists of three separate historic houses. All of them have the potential to have great views, it just depends on the price you are willing to spend for your room. We were not willing to pay for the view, and really unless you want to be able to look out your window and see river, you don’t need to either. Great views can be had by just walking along the River Walk.

The website for the Bluff View Inn really does give a pretty accurate picture of what the rooms look like. They are all pretty and we asked and were shown quite a few of them. I enjoyed seeing the luxury of the rooms in the other two buildings but we opted to stay at the more affordable Thompson House.

We had the Newell Room. It was on the ground floor and had a king sized bed. It was the library in the house and the sliding doors were indicative of that use. There was free WiFi and cable TV. We also had a sofa and a coffee table which I used as my office while we were there. Our bed was very comfortable, we slept great. The bathroom was large and well stocked as well. We were very comfortable here.

The parlor was right outside of our room and we gathered there to indulge in the soft drinks and water that were provided in the afternoon. There was a gas fireplace that provided some atmosphere as well as warmth since we visited in January. In the early morning, coffee is delivered to the hall outside of our room and we could relax with a cup while reading the local newspaper which was also delivered. 

A Continental breakfast was available to us at the coffee shop down the street. This was my least favorite thing. It was always busy, crowded and we had a hard time lingering. I think we should have just picked up our food and gone back to the room, it would have been more enjoyable.

Free parking is provided and the location on The Bluff is perfect. Many f the things you may want to do in Chattanooga are located either right on he Bluff or very close by. It is within an easy walk from the aquarium and some interesting shopping.

The one downside of the Thompson House is the fact that the highway is so close. In the morning the noise from rush hour traffic was distracting. A light sleeper might have a hard time in the Thompson House.

I really did enjoy staying here, there is a real character to the houses and on the weekends, you do get a breakfast at the McClellan House which is really good, luckily we had one weekend night. There is a lot to be said for not having to take out the car unless you really want to. I would not hesitate at stay again at the Bluff View Inn in Chattanooga. 

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