10 Reasons For Being a Blogger

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? If so, hopefully this post will serve as encouragement to get out there and start blogging today. If you haven’t considered this, maybe this post will plant a bit of  a seed in your mind. Blogging can be a wonderful way to express yourself as an individual or as a way to promote your small business. If you are still on the fence about blogging, check out these 10 compelling reasons to start blogging soon.

  1. You’ll Become a More Thoughtful And Curious Person

There’s something about blogging, actually about writing in generally, that really makes people stop and think. Perhaps it’s knowing that once they are out there, your words are permanent. Because of this, many people become more thoughtful about the things that they say, and more aware of the importance of accuracy. This focus on accuracy will drive you to learn as much as you can about the things you write about.


  1. You’re Writing Will Improve

Here’s a reality check. Every blog post that you write is not going to be a masterpiece. In fact, you will look back at some of the things that you write and cringe. That’s okay. What you will also find is that the more  you write, the more your writing will improve. Even better,  you will soon develop your own author’s voice.


  1. It Gives You a Platform to Share Your Passions

What excites you? What would you like to share with the world? It doesn’t matter if your passion is political activism, your small business, physical fitness, cooking, arts and crafts, or any other topic. If it’s something that you love, that’s all the reason you need to start a blog.


  1. You’ll Get to Know Yourself Better

Even though you have an audience, in some ways your blog is a bit like a personal journal. As you write about your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, you will learn quite a bit about yourself. You may even find that you evolve and grow as a person the more you blog.


  1. You Will Get to Know Some Great People

The minute you become a blogger, you become a member of two great communities. The first is the community of bloggers in general. As you begin blogging, you will want to find ways to make your blog more interesting. What you will find is that other bloggers are more than happy to provide you with helpful advice and encouraging feedback. The second community you will join will be with others who are also interested in your niche. You’ll get to know people with whom you can exchange ideas and explore interests together.


  1. Your Awareness of The World Around You Will Increase

As a blogger, you will always be on the lookout for new topics. Because of this, you will pay more attention to the world around  you. This means that your knowledge of current events, culture, and even technology will improve as you work to find relevant topics for your blog.


  1. You Might Make a Little Money

If your blog becomes popular enough, you might be able to make a bit of money through advertising, referral marketing, or selling products and services. Of course, even if you don’t make any money, blogging will definitely bring something positive to your life.


  1. Your Point of View Will be Challenged Frequently

Some people avoid blogging because they fear that their thoughts and feelings will be criticized. However, if you can get past that fear and embrace having your opinions challenged, you will learn to truly examine your own point view. You’ll also learn to defend the opinions that you hold so strongly.


  1. Blogging Can Replace Negative Habits

If you have a negative habit that you are trying to stop, blogging is a positive hobby that you may be able to use as a replacement. In fact, simply making the commitment to work on your blog each day is a positive step towards creating a healthier and more regulated life.


  1. It’s Free And Easy!

If you want to get started today, you can have your blog up and running in less than an hour, and it will cost you nothing. Simply choose a platform such as WordPress, set up your free account, create your blog, and start writing!

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