What do you look for in a residual writing site?  Are you looking for a site that pays-per-view, on time, every time?  Are you looking for a site where you can be taken seriously?  Are you looking for a site that has owners that care?

If any of that rings a bell, then WritEdge is it!

WritEdge is a serious writing site where you can publish your expert knowledge on topics that you love.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up
  2. Write about topics that you’re knowledgeable about and that you’re interested in (maximum 2 categories and 6 tags per article).
  3. Share what you write with your friends
  4. Read and learn from what others have posted
  5. Comment when you have something to say

Here’s some of the things you’ll love about WritEdge:

1. 400 word count minimum (but you can write more if you have lots to say)

2. Earn money – you put your adsense code in and earn from your ads showing on your posts 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, our ads appear.

3. Make your articles interesting with pictures, polls, quizzes, the review module, videos, and more great tools.

4. Use Amazon and other affiliate links to make even more money.  You get two for the first 500 words you write and then an additional link for every 250 words you write after that (to a max of 5 links for 1250 words or more).

5. Our writers love the fact that we are there for them and they can easily find us in our Facebook Group throughout the day – and sometimes even into the night.  Got questions? We want to make sure you get answers quickly.  We have a forum, too, if you aren’t into Facebook.

6. Michelle Harlow and I (Danielle McGaw) are both pretty darned good at WordPress so if you’re new to it, just ask and we’ll help you out!

7. Contests are fun so we have them pretty often – that can add to your payout!

8. Our growth rate is awesome!  Check this out:

This was in February of 2014:

alexa writedge feb 26

This is October of 2014!

alexa writedge oct 14


We outrank many of the writing sites that have been around for years now!

Writing is serious business but we try to make it fun and interesting too.  You’ll love the great community of writers and the fact that you’ll make money is a great bonus.

So, what do you think? Can’t wait to join us?


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