The Daily Voice

The Daily Voice

You must use your real name, or a pen name that sounds like a real name.

    • 200 words minimum (300-500 words is best) (except breaking news which can cover the main topic at first and then gets added to over time as the news develops)
    • 2 source links – Please strongly consider at least one twitter or other social media source for on scene collaboration. You can refer to twitter sources with a @twittername if you have more than 2 you want to use so your reader can still look it up.
    • image source link
    • Must be completely neutral and unbiased. Writer can NOT take sides no matter what.
    • Relevant tweets/videos are helpful, but not required.
    • No promotional news
    • No affiliate links
    • One category only
    • 6 tags maximum
    • You must have a facebook account to see the assignments in our private writer group

Must be consistent writer. Preferably daily, but a few times a week is ok as long as it’s consistent.

The more you write the more you make.

We pay $1/1000 unique views and our threshold is $5.00 via paypal. Payday is the 2nd of the month following the month you reach threshold (so reach it in August and get paid Oct 2nd etc). Rate increases available for reliable writers.

We still have ‘beat’ (niches) available, but these won’t last long. We are also offering regional correspondent to several countries still.

We have new assignments daily, and any qualified writer is able to choose their own assignment (unless it’s a beat, then they need to ask the beat writer for consent). Everyone is also welcome to pitch ideas not on the assignment list if they find something interesting they’d like to write about. You do NOT need to pitch breaking news unless it’s on a topic that has a beat writer (you have to tag the beat writer and give them 30 mins to respond on breaking news).

You will always retain copyright on articles you write, but you can not remove them without permission. Because of 404 errors being so hurtful to a site, if you want your account deleted it will need to be done slowly over time. You must accept this in order to apply.

In order to better facilitate having more original content we strongly encourage local news stories, taking your camera or cell everywhere you go as you never know when you might find something worth reporting, and checking interesting videos on youtube that haven’t gone viral yet and watching then writing about what you saw.

If we want to make the big time and be accepted by google news (which will shoot our traffic through the moon) this is what is expected of us.

To be ranked as news:

  • Freshness of content
  • Diversity of content
  • Rich textual content
  • Originality of content

News content. Sites should offer timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience. We generally do not include how-to articles, advice columns, job postings or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.

Journalistic standards. Original reporting and honest attribution are long-standing journalistic values.

Authority. Write what you know! The best news sites exhibit clear authority and expertise.

Accountability. Users tell us that they value news sites with author biographies and clearly accessible contact information, such as email and physical addresses and phone numbers. (A good bio at the very least. No leaving the bio blank, and include at least 1 social media link to you. Preferably twitter, but any one will do (in the media fields, not the bio))

Readability. Clearly written articles with correct spelling and grammar make for a much better user experience. We have a specific structure we adhere to.

inverted pyramid

The intro should be 30ish words and answer as many of the 5 w’s and 1 h as it can. The second paragraph should answer the rest of what couldn’t be answered in the intro, and the following paragraphs would be used for details and context. Be prepared to write short sentences with easy words so that someone in grade 8 could easily read your copy.

Can’t wait to get started? Please include 3 samples of your work or 3 links to it and your experience with wordpress.

Send an email to hmmnewreg @ to apply.

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