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YOU are losing money. Every single day you are losing more and more. How?

where to eat
place to stay
he drove a new car
she had a baby
How I set about my craft
make money
help is available
best bank
best hotel
great restaurant
fun carnival
‘super’ anything
‘terrific’ anything
‘awesome’ anything

These are NOT focused tags. A tag should be a phrase that would be typed into a search engine in order to find your article. You are writing for a global audience. If you’re talking about places, you need to be specific as to what city/country you are referring to. Tags like ‘make money’ are nowhere near focused enough. There are thousands of ways to make money. You need to specify like ‘make money writing’ or ‘make money painting dolls’ etc.


Our bounce rate is a huge deal and getting to be a bigger deal with every search engine update. Using generic tags is losing you, and the site, and other writers money every month. Do your part and focus your tags! While you’re at it:

No one word tags
No more than 6 total tags per article
Capitalize proper names just like you would in a sentence
Capitalize the pronoun I
Do not duplicate category names in your tags.
Do not duplicate your title in your tags.

If a word or phrase has more than one meaning, you need to be more specific before using it as a tag.

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  1. Michelle,

    In your opinion, do tags entered need to be also found in the body of the text of each post or just specifically related to the topic or subject the post covers?

  2. When I was still learning Word Press, I thought that tags were strictly for searching the site. As soon as I realized that tags were for search engine purposes, I went back and removed, changed and added to what I had. I try to think of terms that I would use when searching for my info. I also realized the importance of photo links. I went back and made sure that each photo linked back to the article. That way if the photo is listed on Google Images, those who are searching can find the article. I’ve been wanting to tell you that the site upgrades for mobile users are great. Most of my recent Amazon sales have been from mobile users. 🙂

  3. Michelle, may I suggest you give us a few examples of great tags related to their corresponding articles. I understand the use of keywords much better than my use of tags. I don’t think I do too badly in the tag area though- but would love to be sure.

  4. If you notice in the comment thread on this post, I asked my first question about updated tags on April 16th of this year. Now I want to post a comment that explains some thing about the result of following Michelle and Danielle’s advice on this matter.

    Hi there Writedge members,

    I am Javaman from the DTC branch of Harlow-McGaw websites. I am also, still, Javaman on Bubblews. I started writing on DTC in late 2014. There is only one reason that I did that, the transparency and support provided by Michelle and Danielle. But, I am sure that I don’t need to dwell on that excellent aspect of their websites.

    I am writing here to do my part to help other members, on other Harlow-McGaw websites maximize their return on the investment in time and effort they are making in search of the writer’s holy grail, residual income.

    Recently, prompted by some comments by Michelle and Danielle on the Harlow-McGaw websites Facebook page I started taking a close look at the tags on my old posts. Almost instantly I have seen a three to four-fold increase in traffic to my amended posts on DTC.

    To put it another way, I made more money this month by the 10th day than I did the entire previous month.

    If you are not following the conversations and threads on the Harlow-McGaw websites support Facebook page, you are missing out on some vital information that can increase your views and the money you make each month.

    Here are some of the things that have been discussed and discovered by working together.

    – A website that shows which hashtags are the best to use when you promote your posts.
    – How to easily add, or modify, your post’s tags for maximum benefit.
    – The importance of post promotion on any social media platform to which you belong but especially on Twitter, using hashtags.
    – The best format for Twitter Tweets that include hashtags.

    Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be writing just for the fun of it, congratulations to you. That is not me. I am retired but have a very young family. I not only immensely enjoy writing, I need the money and enjoy helping others do better too.

    S Dudley / Javaman

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