Ready for our September contest?

September contest

So we have a $5.00 Amazon gift card we want to give away. We’re thinking the person with the most social actions (likes/tweets/g+) for a set length of time.

To qualify, you would need to have 100+ articles submitted on a single site (with the exceptions of The Daily Voice News, Trendzic, and Top Christmas Toys. We’ll say a minimum of 25 posts on one of those sites to qualify).

So once you qualify, write a new article on any site (can be any site in our network, not necessarily the site you used to qualify for the contest). Get your friends, family, and followers to engage. Once the contest ends, you would email us at [email protected] with ‘September contest’ in the subject line and a link to the article you’re submitting. The article with the most combined social actions will win.

Sound good? Let’s say we’ll run the contest starting September 14th and run it through to September 30th. That gives you the entire weekend to submit enough to qualify if you don’t already.

Good luck!

p.s. If your submission has 50% more social engagements than the 2nd place person, I will also offer you $10 via paypal plus the gift card.

2nd place – $2.00 via paypal
3rd place – $1.00 via paypal

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