For the love of fiction and exercising your imagination we bring you PenStrokes.


Payment is $2.00/1000 views and affiliate links are allowed.

2 category and 6 tag maximum per article.
400 words ( 1 external link allowed) for everything but poetry
200 words for poetry (no external links allowed)
400 words poetry (1 external link allowed)
Haiku – 100 words (no external links allowed)
Haiki – more then 200 words (1 external link allowed). (We realize 100 words is a lot for Haiku, but we need the wordcount to offset the ads. So we suggest if you’re really into Haiku, that you write several for one post.

You can link to other pages within the site without it counting as your link.

Any links used MUST be obviously relevant or they will be removed.

Please use the series feature for anything that will have more than 1 part or chapter.

To apply, email Kat at [email protected] with “PenStrokes” in the subject line and a little about yourself and writing experience in the body of the message.

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