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HMM sitesHere’s a list of our sites:

Writedge – This is the site to write for if you want to write serious articles that get serious search engine ranking.  Not that our other sites don’t get good ranking but well written post with a focus on expertise tend to get ranked very well on this site.

Daily Two Cents – Multi-niche, emphasis on entertainment and news; be short and snappy or write amazing multi-part posts. You know the kind I mean – the kind that people can’t resist sharing on social media!

The Daily Voice News – Journalistic news site. Writers must have a good command of conversational English, be able to write without bias or opinions, and have the ability to research in depth to assure accurate and factual stories.

Honest Reviewz Product, site, service reviews; if you have personal experience with a site, product or service this is the place to put your reviews.  You can suggest Amazon products or other affiliate products and earn from the ads that show on your reviews AND from sales! These are the kind of posts that people look for when they are ready to buy!

Building a Better Me – Are you focusing on improving your life? Getting out of debt? Losing weight?  This is a great place to put your personal improvement posts.

Craft Closet – Tutorials, guidelines, instructions on anything and everything crafting. From hobbies to the stuff you can do with your kids on a rainy day, you’ll find it here.

PenStrokes – Let your pen stroke people’s imaginations with your creative fiction and poetry and get paid for it!

MiPyx – Site pending.  This will be a great place to share your own photos and let other people use them.  You’ll be able to display ad content with your photos and make money from them in a way no other photo sharing site has done in the past.

IndieBookz – Site Pending. Are you an indie author? You’ll want to keep an eye on this site then because you’ll be able to have your own place on the web to share new releases and to share the work of other indie authors, too.

Listofied – People love lists. They are easy to read and informative and fun.  Create lists of 5 or more things and share them with the world.

KraftFaire – Site Pending. If you love to create things to sell to other people you’ll want to join this site when it is ready because it’s going to be so cool.  It will be a great place for your own personal online store!

Trendzic – Site for sales pages and shops. Good English, spelling, and grammar still required.

DIYprojectz.com – Coming soon. This will be the place to share your do-it-yourself projects that you’re working on!

aromatherapyrecipes.com  – Coming soon. Site centered around aromatherapy and other homeopathic therapies.

homeincomepages.com  – Coming soon.

loseweightresource.com  – Coming soon. Real help losing weight. No fad diets, no miracle pills, just real help for real people who need it.

talesofhorrorseries.com  – Coming soon. Horror and Halloween and everything creepy in between.

Top Christmas Toys  – Celebrate the season with happy children.

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