New pay model starting

Effective immediately (Oct 1st) we are changing our pay model on Daily Two Cents and Writedge to adshare instead of pay per view. We’re not happy about doing so, but have come to the conclusion that it’s the only way to keep the sites sustainable so we don’t have to worry about ever having to take them offline. On November 2nd, you will still receive anything you’re owed for views (anything over $1.00 as paypal won’t allow us to send less than $1.00), but that will be the last direct payment from us. You’ll need to have your ad share set up by then if you plan to use it, or your affiliate links if you’re choosing not to use adsense.

Our affiliate link rules will remain as they are so you can earn from both adsense and other affiliate links of your choice.

We’re sorry, but it’s been over 2 years and we finally just have to admit that pay per view isn’t sustainable without 100x the traffic we’re getting.

We hope you will stick with us, but if you can’t we do understand and wish you the best wherever you end up.

(To setup an adsense account, you must have one of the 3 following options. 1. Your own site. 2. a monetized youtube account, or 3. a blogger blog.)

UPDATE for people who don’t already have adsense!!!!

We are willing to host a blog for you for free (within reason on bandwidth). You’d have to buy your own domain name, and we’d want to place one ad of our own above the fold, but otherwise it would be yours to do with as you wish, only rule would be no adult.

To qualify:
You must have been with us for more than 6 months.
You must have written 50+ posts (this can be anywhere on HMM not just one site).
You must have demonstrated GOOD conversational English skills.
You must not have had any posts sent back to draft for any violation in the past 3 months.

Michelle and Danielle

There is a new post on the Learning Center for questions and answers.  Please check the post before asking questions here.  CLICK HERE.

Q: How do I add my Adsense code?


adsenseWarning: Clicking on your own ads will lead to a suspension!

1. Go to Google Adsense.
2. Click on “My Ads” in the top menu.
3. Click on “+New ad unit” button.
4. Name your ad
5. In the Ad Size box change it from Showing Recommended to Showing Horizontal banner or Showing Responsive
6. Choose Large Mobile Banner if you are showing Horizontal; if you are Showing Responsive there is only one option.
7. For Ad type you can choose whichever option you like best (display ads are pictures – text are just text)
8. Leave Text Ad Style, Custom Channels, and Backup ads – you don’t need to do anything with these.
9. Click on “Save and get code”
10. When the box with your code comes up change the code type to synchronous. For some reason the asynchronous code does not work.
11. Copy the ad code and paste it into the box provided.
12. Save.

This will cause your ad to appear 75% of the time and ours 25% of the time.

Note, if the code disappears after you save you likely used the asynchronous code by mistake!

12 responses

  1. Good decision, Michelle. If you want to remain a viable place for people to write, affiliates and Adsense are necessities. If people can’t qualify for Adsense there are other affiliates they can use. Thumbs up! (y) (y)

  2. Hi!
    I just tried to do this, and all I kept getting was the code for asynchronous code. I did not see a place to check to change it to synchronous. Any suggestions?

  3. Thank you very much for informing us. I would like to know what is the procedure for adding Adsense. Can I add my Writedge blog to existing Adsense account?
    And one more question, those of us who write for Writedge and still haven’t achieved the payment threshold, will they be paid in November?

    • I think that Michelle answered this on your email?

      But for others that have the same questions…

      1. We’ll be paying out anyone that has earned at least $1 (because PayPal won’t let us pay more) on Nov. 2


      2. All you have to do is create a new ad. Click on My Ads in the top navigation and then click on New Ad Unit. Give it a name like WE posts or DTC posts and then create the ad and get the code and follow the instructions above in the post.

  4. I hope we don’t lose a lot of writers over this. There are a lot of writers that are not versed in affiliate marketing, perhaps we could offer some help to those that may want it on how to get started, like finding affiliates and how to handle making links for articles.

    You may want to consider changing the slogan for DTC, I am not sure how well it fits without PPV. Just a thought. 🙂

  5. You have to do what’s best to keep the site going. I prefer the AdSense option, and it’s what I’ve wanted all along. You’re not going to lose me. 🙂 I plan on posting more than ever here and on Writedge. Right now I’m in the process of going over my older content and updating it for the latest Google algorithm. It will take lots of time, but I’ll eventually get it all done. It’s going to be worth it in the end. I think that it’s a positive change.

  6. Well, I did see this coming or something similar. It’s not easy for online sites and thank God there’s plenty of them surfacing but site owners should be honest about how the site is going and writers must understand when it’s time to move on. There’s more out there. Some of the sites that are talked about negatively are trying to hold their own. Thank God.

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