July Payments Sent

paypal payment

All payments for July have been sent. If you feel you were overlooked or missed, please email me at writedge1 (@) gmail.com with ‘July Payment’ in the subject line and your site, username, and issue in the body of the email. Payment related issues posted to facebook, forum, or comments will be ignored.

I still owe 18 people from DTC who made threshold in January, but had no paypal entered for me to pay.

2 in December 2014

8 in November 2014

2 in October 2014

If you want your money, enter your paypal on your DTC profile and then email me at the above email address and tell me your username and which month I said you’re owed on. (Note that if I say you’re owed in December, you’re still owed in January and it’s not a second amount due.)

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