Important – Changes in Profile Pages! Please Read!

This is important for Daily Two Cents writers but everyone should read this because it will apply to the other sites in the next week or so.

So, what we’ve done on Daily Two Cents is we’ve changed the profile plugin.  The one we were using was so bloated and full of “stuff” – and a lot of it completely unnecessary for us – that we suspect that it has been the cause of a lot of down time.  We’ve decided to simplify because a lot of the features of the old plugin were just not being used.

You can now access your profile the same way as before – click on the Profile link in the navigation bar (it’s under the Writers link).  Once you get there, you’ll see that the first thing that is visible is you bio with social media icons and then all of your most recent posts.

You can still do some personalization, like adding a cover photo.  In fact, if you want to show up on the Writers page you MUST add a cover photo. In order to need to crop it, the photo should be 1000×360 pixels.  Please keep cover photos family friendly.

You can also add extra information that is not in your bio in the About section.  There’s a spot for up to 1000 words of text.  There is also spots for all of your social media icons.

I think that editing your profile is easier than before.  All you have to do is click on the tool icon and then Edit Profile.

Along with this new profile page comes a new login page and a new registration page.

Now, I did have some issues when I added it to Daily Two Cents and I am hoping that I can work out whatever I did wrong when I add it to the other sites.  But I accidentally moved EVERYONE to self-publishing status!  Ooops.  The only way to take care of as much of my error as possible was to change anyone who did not have a post to Pending.  I had to do this because there are SOOOOO many bots that sign up for the site and will post tons of spam if they are allowed to publish freely.

IF you were set to pending (you likely got an email) and you have previously been approved to publish, please just send me an email to [email protected] with your username and I will fix it as fast as I can.

IF you are now approved for self-publishing and you previously were not, please be sure that you have read the FAQ (link is at the top of Daily Two Cents in the navigation bar) and are following the rules.  IF you publish poor quality content (bad English, lots of spelling mistakes, etc.) or publish something without giving proper attribution to photos or publish photos that are not licensed to be used on commercial sites, your posts WILL be returned to draft and your self-publishing privileges may be revoked.

I hope that over the next few days that we can get everything worked out.  When I’m confident that it is working well on Daily Two Cents I will install it on the other sites as well.  So if you see weird stuff happening, don’t panic. Just send a polite email to us so we know if something is not working.


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