Frontend Publisher, Images, and More

We have a couple things to address in this post so please read it all. 🙂


First, we are going to start requiring that featured images be added to all articles.  We want our front page to look nice and it just doesn’t look as pleasant when the default image is used.

Add a featured image is easy.  I’ve explained how to add them in this post.

This will be effective on Monday, February 9th.  Posts with no featured image will be sent back to draft.

Frontend Publisher & Featured Images

This is something that is in the works.  Many people just don’t like the WordPress platform and it has stopped them from using our site.  We do have a frontend publisher now, but when the picture is added it is only a featured image and is not seen in the post. Also, we’re not currently encouraging people to use it because it doesn’t recognize roles (contributors need to have posts sent to pending and authors need to have posts automatically published) but we have the plugin developer working on that so I’m hoping that it will be working in the very near future. Currently, it is set so that all posts submitted through the frontend publisher are send to pending – even for those that have self-publishing abilities.

This is what the frontend publisher looks like:

frontend publisher


As you can see, it is a very simplified version of the post editor.  It allows users to submit a post, choose a category, and add tags. There is even the ability to add a picture BUT at this point, the picture would ONLY be a featured picture. The picture would NOT be in the post.

In order to have the picture appear in the post, we would need to have featured pictures displayed at the top of the post. I’ve temporarily set it up so that everyone can see what it would look like.  The downfall is that old posts that have BOTH a featured image AND an image in the post will have a duplicate image.

(NOTE: When we have things working I’ll be adding an “Add New Post” button to the Profile pages)

Here’s a post that has duplicate images:

In the future, posts wouldn’t look like this if we decide to keep the featured image at the top because you would only have to add the image once – in the featured image spot.

If we decided to keep this, you could potentially remove the image that was inside the post.

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