Drumroll Please….Introducing the Front End Publisher!

Ever since we started Writedge and Daily Two Cents, there has been one major complaint from online writers that we just had not been able to address in the past – WordPress.  While there are some that adapted well to the WordPress platform, others found it complicated, confusing, messy, and they just couldn’t deal with it.  As a result they choose not to write or to stop writing on our sites. 🙁

Honestly, that just broke my heart.  We wanted people to be comfortable on our sites.  Michelle and I searched far and wide for something that would work.  We thought we had it when we found the plugin that controls our Profiles.  But that never really worked for us because of various issues.

BUT, I found something and I’ve been working on making it happen for FIVE days now (while installing the new themes) and with a lot of help from the developer we got it worked out.  I am super psyched!

Before I explain everything please note that you can STILL use the WordPress Dashboard the same way you always have if you prefer to do so.  Just click New in the black bar at the top of the site:

Wordpress bar

Navigation Bar

In the Navigation bar at the top of every site there is  Profile link – this takes you directly to your profile page where you can see your latest posts and what your friends are up to.  If you hover over that link you’ll see My Account (where you can manage friends, message, and customize your profile or add to it), My Posts and Add Post.

My Posts lists your most recent posts.  If you are self-publishing you’ll also be able to edit or delete posts.  You can also Create a Post from that page. It looks like this:


Also in the navigation bar, under My Posts is a link to go directly to the page where you can add a post.  Or, if you’re already on the My Posts page you can click on the Create New Post link.  That will take you here:

add post

1 – If you have self-publishing status you’ll be able to choose from Published (default), Pending (I’m leaving this here in case you have a topic that you’re not sure about and would like to have an editor check it out), or Draft. If you do not have self-publishing status it will be Pending (default) or draft.

2 – There’s an Add Media button just like there was in the WordPress Dashboard.  When you click it you can choose media from your computer or use the Pixabay tool.

3 – You can switch back and forth between visual and text still!

4 – Word count is at the bottom of the screen.

All the options that were available on the WordPress dashboard are available on the front.

There’s some more stuff:

add post other

Your categories are all there (and some extras maybe that we need to delete!).  If you are allowed to have more than one category (never more than two!), hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard to choose multiple categories. There is space for three tags (sorry, I’ll see if there’s a way to add more).  There’s the featured image (don’t forget to choose one please! It is a requirement!) and a space for an excerpt (this is what shows up in search engines and on social media sites when you share.

It does not have the Yoast SEO tool.  This is meant to be simplified.

Everything else? Gone.

Remember, if you want to use the WordPress dashboard to take advantage of added features, you still can.  Just click New in the black WordPress bar.

Finally, if you’re logged in you should see a list of your most recent 8 posts and a link to Create a Post at the bottom of each site.

my posts bottom


So, often when new features are added people have questions. That’s fine. There could be glitches or settings I need to fix over the next few days.

If you DO have an issue, please post in the Facebook Group or on the Forum so that we can deal with issues once instead of several times over.  If you don’t have access to these for one reason or another, please email writedge1 @ gmail (dot) com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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