Daily Two Cents

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Daily Two Cents is a fun and casual site where you can share your two cents for the day – and get paid for it!

How does it work?

  1. Sign up
  2. Write about things you’re interested in (maximum 2 categories and 6 tags per article).
  3. Share them with your friends
  4. Read others posts
  5. Comment on things you’re interested in

It’s pretty simple really.

The word count requirement is only 200 words and lets be honest, you’ve put rants on Facebook longer than that haven’t you?  I’ll bet some of your Instagram photos have captions longer than that!

Here’s a few examples of what you can do:

  • Write about something that’s going on in the world
  • Do a recap of your favorite television show
  • Write about the movie you saw last night
  • Rant about something that you think is unfair
  • Share your original recipes
  • Jot down your frustrations
  • Ask for opinions on something
  • Poetry
  • Share vlogs/podcasts
  • Or even just blog about the challenges of your life.

What are the benefits of Daily Two Cents over other sites?

1. The more you write the more you make.  We share revenue so your Adsense ads can show up 50% of the time on your posts (ours appear the other 50% of the time) . So, start writing!

2. We give you lots of tools to make sharing and writing more interesting. There’s a book/product review module, recipe module, polls, quizzes, options to add videos or picture galleries. You can use hashtags, too!

3. You can use links!  One link is allowed for the first 250 words you write but if you’re wordy and write 400 words or more you can use 2 outbound links.  You can link to other sources that you think people might be interested in, your own blog, or even affiliate links!

4. The owners (me, Danielle McGaw, and Michelle Harlow) are super friendly and super available.  You can find us in the Facebook Group throughout the day and sometimes even late into the night.  Ya, we love our writers so we’re there for them.  A lot.  If you don’t do the Facebook thing we also have a forum where we check in several times a day.

5. Don’t know WordPress? We’re pretty much pros so we’ll help you learn it.  Just ask us.

6. Do you like contests? So do we.  So we have them often and yes, that means cash prizes!

7. Did I mention, you don’t need an Adsense account? Nopers.

8. The site is growing fast.  Look at how far we’ve come in less than a year:

This was the month we started (March of 2014):

alexa dtc mar 18


This is October 2014:

alexa dtc oct 14


Pretty awesome hey?  We’re outranking other sites that have been around for years before us.

And there’s so much more.  Our helpful newsletter, our great community all that I’ve mentioned already make this a great place to write for fun and make some money while you’re at it!

So what are you waiting for?


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