Harlow-McGaw Media is a network of sites for writers.  We offer writers a platform to share their thoughts and knowledge and get paid for it via multiple writing sites:

Harlow-McGaw Media Sites

Who Are We?

Personally, in the past, I’ve always liked to know exactly who it is that is running the sites that I’m writing for so, first, here’s me:

me caricatureDanielle McGaw: entrepreneur, freelance writer, fiction writer, blogger, social media junkie.  Yes, I’m all over the place sometimes. I started online as a non-fiction writer 9 years ago (that number keeps growing and honestly it awes me sometimes – 9 years already).  I wrote basically anything that people would pay me to write.

Over the years, I learned about residual writing and fell in love with the idea.  I wrote for WritingUp first (not many will remember that site but it was one of the very first residual writing sites) and then over the years I added InfoBarrel, Squidoo, HubPages, Zujava (I think they still use my intro video in their welcome email), Wizzley, Bubblews, and a few other sites that I can’t even think of at the moment.

I started writing fiction too and publishing my stories on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and GooglePlay.  I’ve always blogged along the way and have had my personal blog for about 6 years or more.  I’ve been active in writing communities and on social media for 9 years. In my discussion with writers who write on residual income sites, I’ve listened to what they want, what they liked, what they don’t like, what frustrates them.  So, when Michelle brought up the idea of building our own sites, I was thrilled to jump on board.

Michelle CaricatureMichelle Harlow: entrepreneur, gamer, writer, blogger, SEO freak, fiction writer, beta-tester. Michelle has a lot on her plate, too.  She’s incredibly smart and she’s been online even longer than me – 19 years! Holy crap!

She’s spent a lot of that time blogging and building her own sites.  And she’s damn good at it.  I mean, I can set up a WordPress blog and write the content but Michelle’s a genius at making the site SEO friendly.  And that’s really important.  And if she doesn’t know, she knows who to ask for help.

She’s determined and when she gets her mind set on something you can be darned sure it is going to happen. So, when she tells me that these sites are going to be successful, I believe her.

How did the two of us meet?

We met through a forum and she hired me to write for some of her sites.  Yup – she was the boss. 🙂  But over the years that I was writing for her we became friends.  We talked about lots of stuff – business and personal. We have a lot in common.  And we share the same vision.

What is our Vision?

We want to create sites that make money obviously, for ourselves and for our writers.  But most importantly, we want to create a safe and friendly environment where writers can feel like they are valued.

In the past, one of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard from writers is that the sites they write for just see dollar signs when they think of them.  They aren’t individuals.  They are just “site users”.  We don’t want that with our sites.  That’s why we are on the forum and in the Facebook Groups each and every day, interacting with our writers.  Even on our days off!  We just can’t stay away from you and our sites. The writers that pop in and out of our groups and forum have become our friends and they are like family to us.

We want you all to be happy.  We may not always be able to give you what you want but we’ll never treat you like what you want doesn’t matter.  We’ll never give you snarky answers like we think we know more than you.  We’ll never treat you like dollar signs because you are people and you deserve to be treated as such.

A Place to Learn

Harlow-McGaw Media is also a place to learn.  Many writers come to us and don’t know WordPress – the platform we use for our sites.  That’s ok.  We’ll help you along the way. Several writers now have learned WordPress when they were afraid of it before.

Tons of writers don’t know a thing about SEO and keywords and we strive to provide information that will help them learn, whether it is through blog posts on our blog or through links to valuable articles on other sites.

Each writer is different and has different challenges.  We want you to have all the information that you need to be successful in your writing career (whatever your definition of success might be), whether you use that on our sites or someone else’s.  Of course, we hope you’ll use at least some of it on our sites. 🙂

You can learn from us on the blog learning center or through our videos on YouTube.

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