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8 thoughts on “Submit a Question

  1. Carola Finch says:

    I have an Amazon affiliate account with HubPages. I have heard that writers can put Amazon ads on your site. Is this possible with my current Amazon account or do I need to set up a new one. How do I insert Amazon ads.

  2. Dear Editor:
    Two of my articles have been online waiting for editorial help since April 9 but have been left unattended perhaps because they’ve no feature image.
    Today, I spent the whole day trying to learn the steps to no avail.
    I have gone as far as Step 5 which is final, that is inserting the image but I am
    puzzled as to why the Button Inserting Image does not show. Thus no picture is uploaded because of the absence of said button. What is seen and readable in the area where the button should be is Version 4.1.1

    The problem has bugged me for months.

    [email protected]

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