How Do I Use Keywords/Tags?

Tags (also called keywords) are entered when you write your post in order to help search engines determine how to find your posts.  They will also help to get your posts in the Trending area of our sites.

You enter your tags in the box on the right that looks like this:


Some things to keep in mind about tags:

  • Tags should always be two words or longer (one word tags increase your bounce rate, which is not good)
  • Tags should be relevant.  Don’t stick tags in there if they aren’t relevant to the content of your article
  • Tags that are too long likely won’t help your article either
  • Don’t duplicate your article name
  • Don’t duplicate your category name
  • Use proper punctuation
  • Don’t put tags in all caps
  • Spell properly

Want to know more?

CLICK HERE and read this post.

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