How Can I See My Posts Easier?

If you haven’t adjusted this, you might find it difficult to see your posts.  When you go to the Posts page in the WordPress Dashboard it might look kind of like this:

screen options 3


Who can read that right?  It’s next to impossible.  But there is a an easy fix…

Click on Screen Options at the top left of your screen.  Then uncheck the things you don’t need.  You can always turn them back on if you need to.  This is what mine looks like:

screen options 2

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3 thoughts on “How Can I See My Posts Easier?

  1. Peachpurple says:

    dear madam,

    i am a writedge writer but am having a few problems, hope that you can help me out.

    i can’t see the number of views for each of my articles. I don’t know the article stats.

    if i publish one article, i get one cent, if i just comment ten or twenty articles, no earning at all.

    does it mean that comments can’t generate earnings?

    Can i transfer all my writedge articles to dtc? I am planning to delete this account since the earning is so slow.


    1. dmcgaw says:

      No, comments have never generated earnings on any of our sites.

      And yes, you can transfer them from Writedge to Daily Two Cents but you will have to delete them and wait for them to de-index before adding them to DTC.

    2. dmcgaw says:

      Oh, but your earnings can be seen in your profile. Log in as normal, then click the Dashboard link at the top left in the black bar. Then go you Profile, in the sidebar. Your overall earnings are there. If you want to see your views for individual articles, you can add Google Analytics. There is a spot on this same page for a Google Analytics code. If you’re not sure how to do that, I’ll find a link for you.

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