How Can I add an Amazon Product to my Post?

There are several ways to add Amazon products to a post on our sites.  I’m going to make this answer the collective answer with the various ways to do that.  Because there are several and you’ll have to decide which one is easiest and preferable to you.

1. Add a linked picture

A linked picture is a picture in your post that when clicked, will take you to the Amazon product.

Start by going to and searching for the type of product or the product you want to add to your post.  Click on the product that you want to add that comes up in the results.

Step one: Save your picture to your computer.  You need to save the picture as a .jpg or .png file.  I take a screen capture of the photo using Snipping Tool, which comes with most Microsoft based PCs.  You can also download Jing, which is free and is also available for PC/Mac users.  There are other free screen capture programs out there, too, so use whatever you like.

Step two: Get a link.  Amazon makes it easy to get a short link now and has a button at the top that you’ll be able to see if you’re already logged into your Amazon affiliate account.

amazon 1


Step three: Get the short link.

amazon 2

Step four: Write your post.  If you haven’t done this already, write your post.  I always find it easier to write the text first and add the picture after.  Once that is done you need to add your picture.

Set your cursor to where you want the picture to appear in the text.  Just place your mouse at the beginning of a line and click.  When the cursor is blinking, you’re good.  Click the Add Media button and upload your picture your picture.  Now, where it gives you the option to add the caption, I usually put something like “Available on Amazon: shortlink” or you could put “Click the picture to find it on Amazon”.  Don’t add it yet though!  There’s a section a little further down where you can chose to Link to: and Custom url is one of the options so choose that.  You’ll see a little box appear where you can put the url in. Put the short link there. Then click insert into post button.

amazon 4

Once you’ve added the picture it should look like this:

Available on Amazon:

Available on Amazon:

You can right or left align the picture, make it bigger or smaller, but this is the jist of adding a linked picture to a post.

There are some other options though, so stay tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “How Can I add an Amazon Product to my Post?

  1. Linda says:

    This was the ticket for me Danielle, even better than your other one and almost a mandatory tool for anyone who wants to become an Affiliate. I don’t see an option around to change it to a .jpg file but will look better. My writing friend Crystal Ray does something to get rid of the grey border which I am about to try. Thanks for this- So much. May i request in future a similar one for multiple amazon pics as I attempted and failed to do for movies. The sizing was varied and it looked sloppy.

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