Blog Writing as an Effective Content Marketing Tool

Advertising is the most common way to sell your product or service. However, content marketing is another way to grow revenue, giving your audience valuable information. Obviously, content marketing has evolved for the last 5 years, and today it is nearly impossible to run a business without it.

Here’s how it works:

You analyze your audience’s needs, write user-friendly content that can be useful and informative for them and, therefore, create loyalty to your brand.

The art of creating good blog posts is called blog writing, and all marketers and entrepreneurs should know it from A to Z.

In fact, blog writing is like cooking a yummy piece of cake: you need to pick up the best ingredients, follow the instructions to create a cake, and serve it then. OmniPapers know it well, so you’d better pay attention to this visual manual about blog writing.

If you want to improve your blog writing, you need to know what a good blog post is.

A good post:

  • is unique and useful
  • describes a specific idea
  • captures audience’s interest
  • is 100% non-plagiarized
  • hasn’t mistakes or typos
  • is SEO-friendly and media-savvy

Once you understand what a good post is, you can learn how to write it. We recommend you to read the following information about steps that should be taken while writing a blog post.

1. Create an Eye-catchy Headline: The first thing your readers do is reading a headline. Thus, it should be interesting, ultra-specific, and eye-catchy. The more readers like your headline, the more of them will read the rest of your text.

2. Hook Your Readers: Every blog post has an introduction where the writer describes the main idea of the writing and expresses his or her attitude towards it. If you want to interest your readers, you need to include a hook.

3. Enhance Readability: Some writers know how to create an interesting piece, but they forget to make it readable and, therefore, their audience quit reading the whole text. While writing a blog post, think about your readers. If you want to enhance readability, you need to divide your text into chunks: headlines and subheadings, short paragraphs, and lists.

4. Add Visual Content: Nowadays, writing a good text is not enough. People crave actionable examples, so visual content is a must. Plus, people process visual information faster. If you have some visual content to support your thoughts (photos, pictures, graphs, charts, infographics, videos, etc.), don’t hesitate to add it to your blog post.

5. Insert Trustworthy Links: Proficient bloggers insert links from authoritative sites only. Sometimes your readers want to get more interesting insights and if it is impossible to describe everything in your text, you can add a link to give them this opportunity. And, you can easily increase your trust level if you add trustworthy links.

6. Make Your Text Shareable: If your readers like your blog post, they might want to share it via social media. In fact, it is a good way to attract more readers, so you need to create a shareable content. There are several ways how to do it, but the most common one is to add inspirational quotes. People like to share ideas they find close to their own, so once you find a relevant quote, add it to your text.

7. Sum Up Your Thoughts: The last paragraph is a conclusion where you need to sum up your thoughts and ideas. However, it is important to cause buzz, so add a call to action sentence at the end. If your text provokes readers to discuss the material, that’s great!

8. Promote a Blog Post: Once you’re done with a blog post, it is time to edit it. As soon as you are ready with the final version, you need to post and promote it. Use social media and email marketing to attract more readers. By the way, you might be interested to learn more about the ways to overcome common email marketing obstacles. In short, don’t be greedy to share this informative piece with other people.

No matter what your business is, you need to grow it. Once you understand the secret of blog writing, you can use this content marketing tool efficiently.

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