Tips for Blasting Belly Fat

Blasting Belly Fat!

Blasting Belly Fat!! We hear it so often. We read about it so often. We say it often enough, what are we doing about blasting belly fat? We know there is no real magic to the idea of “getting fit fast,” but there are certainly excellent and easy steps we can take to get on that track and fast! Small changes can lead to much bigger results and really quickly.

I was truly struggling with blasting belly fat. I eat right (most of the time), I exercise several days a week and I even switch up my routines for maximum results. The belly fat just wasn’t budging the way I wanted it to. So, I did a little research to discover what really might be the underlying problem.

I have put together a list of things that truly helped me get over the hump that was frustrating me daily as I was trying to solve the issue of “blasting belly fat” once and for all!

Blasting Belly Fat: Warm water, lemon juice and RAW honey

blasting belly fat

I started drinking this drink on a Monday morning and I swear to you, by Thursday, I noticed a HUGE difference. Lemon detoxifies the liver. If the liver is full of toxins it is stressed, and a stressed liver will not burn off fat properly. Raw honey slowly releases glucose into the liver also aiding in detoxification. The idea is that raw honey is pure and not like processed sugar items and so the slow release allows the liver to get all the help it needs to do its job effectively. These two items fully support liver function and begin to quickly aid in the process of reducing toxins and then reducing the size of fat cells and finally reducing the size of the belly. Lastly the water. The water should be warm or room temperature as this will provide the best health benefits and allow for the full enzymatic and energetic properties of the lemon. Drinking this in the morning is a great idea as it prepares the body for metabolizing and it aids in elimination and digestion as well as helping the body to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Drinking it at night provides that continued cleansing of the liver which allows the body to fight fat all through the night and keep the liver from becoming stressed.

I have noticed a considerable difference in my waistline since adding this not so bad drink to my daily routine. I feel a little bit healthier and my pants are WAY looser!!

I have included two of my FAVORITE raw honey brands that can be ordered right from Amazon if you do not have ready access to a farmers market or something similar. I have also included a book that I think is very good about cleansing and lemon juice. Such amazing effects this little fruit has. Also, to maximize every drop of that golden juice from that lemon, this is the best lemon squeeze tool that I have seen on the market.

 Best Detox Tea To Cleanse Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw


Blasting Belly Fat: Lots and lots of sleep

blasting belly fat Believe it or not, rest is one of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat. If you want to see a smaller waistline, and we all do….GO TO BED! Now, this does not mean lay around and do nothing, quite the contrary. Taking good care of yourself is a process that consumes your day, along with work, kids, errands,etc. All the more reason to lay down as soon as all that is behind you. Try not to sit up and watch too much late night tv or talk yourself into preparing for the next day and by all means, shut all electronic devices down. We need 8 hours, at least that’s what the “experts” say. Why not 9 or even 10!! I’m a big fan of sleep, as I am sure you can tell. Seriously though, we work hard, we play hard; when we lay down at night, we need to relax and sleep away the day so that we are fully charged to take on the next. Sleep has so many benefits for weight loss, but the most important one to me is brain function. A sleepy brain is a brain that makes BAD decisions. When we are lacking sleep, we tend to reach for foods that provide quick energy, like that latte you really don’t need. Sleep is how your brain is nourished, so take care of your brain and sleep well!!!! Besides it you are sound asleep, you can’t be tempted to open up that fridge late at night. You can’t even think about blasting belly fat if you are over tired all the time. Just the simple stress of being tired and groggy will keep that weight right where it is. Good sleep relaxes the systems of the body and allows them to work more effectively and efficiently throughout the day. The sleep mask system I have listed below has changed my life! I need to shut out the lights and sounds of the home to truly relax and I take my relaxation seriously!! Just ask my kids, when I shut it down for the night, there is no coming between me and sleep. I also have provided this meditation device that I absolutely could not live without. Some days rest comes easy, but there are days that seem to stick with us and keep us from sleep. I pop this little baby on and I am taken away!! Luna makes this all natural, non habit forming sleep aid that is just amazing. It is vegetarian and 100% herbal. This will really help those that just can’t seem to get a good night’s rest all on their own. This product really aids in insomnia or wake up still feeling groggy and not rested or energized.

 LUNA – 60 Vegetarian Capsules Sound Oasis S-550-05 Sound Therapy Super Silky Super-Soft Sleep Mask


Blasting Belly Fat: Watch Those Diet Sodas

blasting belly fatThis is a tricky one. They call them diet sodas, so why aren’t they good for my diet? Oh those marketing geniuses! Here’s the thing….soda is not really good for you…period! Regular sodas have a tremendous amount of sugar in them, so they contain a lot of calories. We tend to switch to diet sodas because they have zero calories. What we don’t take into consideration is that the sweeteners that are used trick our bodies into thinking we are hungry for sweets because its not a natural substance we are ingesting, out bodies become confused and diet sodas can make us crave sweet foods. The other issue is that because we save so many calories on our beverage choice, we tend to think it won’t hurt to increase somewhere else in our diet and that can lead to bad food choices. Any way you look at it, there a dozens of other beverage choices that are much wiser…teas and coffees for that caffeine boost and fruit sweetened mineral waters for that carbonation. Although, a tall glass of water (maybe with some honey and lemon) is still the best thing you can do for your body and that pesky waistline. Below are a few books that have helped me out tremendously. I tend to take tips from different sources here and there and that tends to make it easier to incorporate change into my life, routine and diet. All these books below have tremendously beneficial information in them. I highly recommend reading a few to find the things that work for you.

David Zinczenko has really got a handle on how to blast belly fat. These three sources purchased together will really get you on the right track and fast!!

 Zero Belly Cookbook: 150+ Delicious Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up Eat It to Beat It!:


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