Bizarre Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the day many couples exchange gifts with one another. Typical Valentine’s Day fare includes flowers, stuffed teddy bears, jewelry, chocolates, perfume, cologne or a dinner date; sometimes a celebratory gift is a combination of these.

Although, some people prefer to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas for gifts to share with loved ones. Of course, there is unique, and then there is just bizarre. (And I have wondered where does the line between unique and bizarre get crossed?)

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

In the past, here are some of the most bizarre or quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas I’ve seen across the web:

  • A fork bracelet
  • Mace pepper spray gun in a lovely shade of pink
  • Recycled beer can crocheted hat
  • Heart-shaped egg (or cookie) cutter
  • “Star Wars Inspired His and Hers Cup Cozies”
  • Heart mittens (one big mitten for a couple to wear holding hands)
  • “Safe Sock” (sock with a pocket that fits a condom)
  • Bouquet of different types of salami

Perhaps, one of the most bizarre Valentine’s Day gift ideas on the market, however, is something completely different, and apparently, it is a hot seller.

Do you think your cutie would want a nice couple’s custom-made portrait? This is not your typical framed portrait, as the final result is a couple’s zombie portrait, done by Rob Sacchetto. Sacchetto takes a photo that is provided and turns it into a hand-painted custom portrait.

bdeanindy / Pixabay

“I am always amazed by how many couples orders I get. In fact, I would say that wedding portraits are by far the most popular portraits I receive orders for,” Sacchetto said in a 2013 press release. He noted that women are his biggest customers and sales for these zombified portraits spike around Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

If zombies are either not romantic enough for you or a bit too much, you can always go a little quirky with a “Never LEGO of My Heart, His and Hers Lego Necklace”.  

How about you? When you give and/or receive gifts, do you prefer to go traditional or off-the-beaten-path? Any bizarre Valentine’s Day gift ideas you have heard of?



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