Bizarre Brilliance of Trash Artist Kris Kuksi


Kris Kuksi, having experienced a pretty solitary childhood, managed to develop a passion for extraordinary things. This same interest was destined to lead him down an amazing artistic pathway, on which he appears to have learned that nothing in life need ever go to waste. It is that environmental awareness that shaped his artistic leanings, and he began to give expression to his extraordinary talent by creating  staggeringly surreal pieces of sculpture, made up of thousand upon thousand recycled toys, which he transforms somehow, from useless trash to scenarios usually only dreamt up by manic writers of science fiction, sculptural masterpieces of imagination and innovation.

So striking is the work of this incredibly inventive artist that it has featured in more than one hundred world-wide exhibitions, and he has been presented with many awards and prizes over the years, so much so that he is regarded as an iconic legend by his peers. Superb examples of his incredibly detailed and fascinating works can be found in the collections of art lovers globall, many famous fans snapping up his sculptures with glee, loving to get close-up and personal with these genuinely dramatic works of terrific trash art.

What people especially admire in Kuksi is his chaotic, mad scientist approach to art composition. His work always presents the bizarre and the gruesome in the most grotesque of images combinations, creating truly astounding sculptural works from discarded trash, recycling on a truly artistic scale. This native of Missouri inserts the most intricate of small detail into his sometimes nightmare  productions, leaving admirers wondering at the actual range and depth of his incredible imagination.

Kuksi loved classical art from an early age, and had a doting grandmother who kept him supplied, but these days he thinks that humankind have gone beyond the tipping point in the damage they have done, and need to be reminded of that in his art works. Born in 1973 in Springfield, Missouri, with a disinterested, alcoholic stepfather, he would lose himself in beauty of the natural world around him.

This probably accounts in some ways for the macabre art he now produces, demonstrating that humans simply are really not in tune with nature, in which life is lived according to natural rythyms, unlike the frantic pace of thoughtless and self-destructive human development.  His breathtakingly alien sculptures, are all crammed full of the oddest of characters, machines and creatures, obsessively created from countless pieces of trash, yet they draw you in and hold you spellbound. If that is not artistic genius, then I do not know what is, especially when you consider that, as the painting shows, he is a talented painter as well.

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