Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Boys

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Since I have several boys in my family, I have had a number of people ask me about birthday party ideas for teenage boys. So I decided to write down some ideas from my experience. This article isn’t going to be about party themes or decorations, or anything else the internet might offer. This is just straight from me, based on having a brother, a son, and 3 grandsons.

The Cake

First of all, from my experience, when dealing with teenage boy birthday parties, don’t bother trying to come up with a theme or a fancy cake. Teenage boys think it’s stupid. They want the cake to be something they like; fix their favorite, or have a variety of pies, or cupcakes, or even cookies.

My son always wanted an ice cream cake. If you just have to decorate it, maybe put an emblem of their favorite sports team, or their high school mascot. Don’t try to do anything more than that, at least not without their permission. Some boys might like the image of a guitar, or a skull and cross bones, but be safe and ask.

Parties Lasting a Few Hours

For the teen boy’s birthday party itself, if it’s just for a few hours, look to your local recreation department or YMCA. Let them play ball or swim. I promise you, if you give boys a swimming pool, they will entertain themselves for hours. It’s even better if you have a swimming pool and a basketball goal in your yard. But if not, find a place with these, indoors if the season requires it, and let them have at it.

Don’t try to arrange any kind of formal activity for the party unless you want to take them to a sporting event nearby, or unless you have a place for camping and fishing. Boys love campouts, and this is always a great idea, if you have a spot to do this. I wouldn’t do hunting, though. That’s just too dangerous. Just make sure there are some Dads willing to participate and chaperone.

Overnight Parties

If the birthday party is going to be an overnight party at your house, make sure you have that basketball goal, maybe a volleyball net, and a football and soccer ball. Boys can turn these things into hours of fun. Also, for later on in the evening, make sure you have the latest video games and plenty of controllers. You want as many as possible to be able to participate. Some good action, adventure, or horror movies would be great, too. Decks of cards and dart boards are good, and if you have a ping-pong table, you’ll be all set!

And last, but certainly not least, bring on the food! What food it is doesn’t matter nearly so much as how much of it you have. They will literally eat you out of house and home. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, wings, chips and dips, whatever . . . . . just lots of it! Again, a cake will probably be their last choice, so don’t stress about it at all.

A Word of Caution

One word of caution, and this is experience speaking; if it’s an all-night party, and the boys can drive, set the rule about all car keys going into a common pot until they leave. And keep this close to you! Even good, sweet boys love mischief, and in the middle of the night, all kinds of ideas can brew. Even without cars, you had better be a light sleeper, because they will roam. That’s a promise!

Actually, I enjoy the teenage boy birthday parties more than the girl ones. Boys don’t bicker, fight, or get catty. They just want to have fun. So provide lots of distractions and activities and food; don’t worry about themes and decorations, and just enjoy them. Teenage boys are a delight!

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