Birthday Gift and Funny mistake

Mohan, Ramu and Somu were three friends. Mohan was a bank employee. Somu ,a school teacher,was suffering from knee pain from past 5 years and so had his knee operated. Ramu was an athlete and was practicing for a state level running race, which was scheduled on 2nd November. The strange coincidence was that both Ramu and Somu have their birth day on the same day, the 1st of November.

Mohan wanted to give gifts for both friends, on their Birthday, that is 1st of November. He wanted to give the most appropriate gifts for both of them. He purchased gifts for them and wanted the gift to be packed in the shop itself. He wrote a letter encouragement for athlete Ramu and kept it along with the gift. Similarly, he wrote inspiring letter for Somu, who was just got discharged from the hospital after knee operation and was in his home, bed ridden.
Mohan went to Ramu’s house and gave the gift to Ramu and then he went to Somu’s house and gave him the gift. Then he went home.
Ramu had to participate in running race the next day. He opened the gift and that was a book about taking care of the knee! He started reading the letter which was kept along with the gift. It contained the matter like this:

“Do not simply try to run like others. You take rest. First slowly walk. If it is strenuous take rest for a while and then again walk slowly. Do not strain yourself. Your knee is important to you at this stage”
Ramu was surprised and shocked with full de-motivation, as he was practicing for the running race. After seeing this letter from his best friend, his total mood came down.
Somu also opened the gift and it was a book on running practice! He started reading the letter kept along with the gift. The letter contained the matter like this:
” Try to run as fast as you can, do not worry about your leg pain. Do not take rest. Reaching the goal is important at this stage”
He was shocked but thought that something must have happened.
Somu called Mohan by mobile phone and told about the letter. Then Mohan realised that the Gifts were INTERCHANGED by mistake. He immediately went again to Ramu’s house, told everything and apologized. He took the gift and also called Ramu to Somu’s house. There also, he told everything. He repacked and redistributed the gift and letters in correct way. Then all of them were happy and enjoyed the funny mistake.

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