BIC Pen used as Camera by Inventive Artist Juan Cassas



The pictures in this post may well – to your eyes on first impression – look like stunning photographs – but the truth is that these incredible images are all in fact hand-drawn, using nothing other than the ink form iconic biro pens.


Juan Francisco Casas – the artist involved who is undoubtedly a rising star of the art world at 31 years of age, commented that he just adores the simplicity of these ballpoint pens.  They were invented by Hungarian Laszlo Biro in 1938, before a UK company obtained the patent – specifically to produce them for the Royal Air Force to use in war-time.


The public first got to buy them in 1946 in the UK as the iconic Bic pen, on sale in Europe only four years later, and within a few years standard office equipment. Amazingly. Juan has been known to need the ink of FOUR such pens for a single work – originally a traditional painter Juan began creating these drawings three years ago.


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His pictures are, in every case, based on photos of his friends, and his works – even though they were initially simply an attempt to try creating ultra-realistic, photo quality images with something not used before – are already a sell-out at exhibitions – a recent Madrid show saw 60 works selling for between $1000 and $5000 each.

Juan claims to have been simply attempting to show that anything can be used to create art, as long as the artist involved has sufficient talent – he employs nothing other than blue Bics and spent two weeks drawing his 10ft by 3ft biggest image to date.  


Juan had worked as a teacher for six years at southern Spanish University of Granada, where he had studied Fine Art, eventually submitting, in 2004, a ballpoint-pen drawing to a Spanish national art competition, winning second place.


Juan was amazed, as this had been a very serious, academic sort of competition, in which he felt certain his effort would be ridiculed, as it was far from his usual oil on canvas, being biro on paper, but the judges liked it, s and from that initial success, Juan has exhibited in Chicago, his native Spain, and imminently in his current home-town of Rome.#Amazing Artistry#Brilliant Drawing# Terrific Talent







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