Bialetti Moka Express: Superior Home Brewed Coffee

Do you enjoy strong, flavorful coffee?

You probably pay a small fortune at the local coffee shop per month for a good cup right? You might own a French press and think that you have reached the end of the quest for the best cup of home brew, but there is more my friend. Enter the Bialetti Moka Express. As you probably know, paper filtered coffee makers trap most of the oils responsible for the complex, rich flavors found in fresh roasted coffee beans, leaving you with an unremarkable cup. What you may not know is that the French press, although much better, still leaves a large portion of the good stuff trapped inside the grounds. The Bialetti takes flavor extraction one step further.

It’s all about the pressure.

Although not as efficient as an actual Espresso maker, the Bialetti uses pressure from the boiling water in the lower chamber to force hot water through the coffee grounds. This extracts more of the flavonoids from the beans than merely soaking them in hot water via the French press. The coffee that the Bialetti Moka produces is thicker and much more complex to the discerning palette.

How it works.

The Bialetti Moka Express consists of a three piece system made of cast aluminum. The bottom chamber holds the water which is boiled on the stove top. The middle section is an aluminum cup with tiny holes that act as the filter. As the pressure of the boiling water builds, it forces the heated water through the holes leaving behind the grounds. The hot coffee flows into the upper chamber through a raised stem and once full, can be poured directly into your mug.

Why it’s better.

Coffee is a complex brew, and to fully enjoy all that the magical coffee bean has to offer, you have treat it right. Over grinding, paper filtering, and poor water quality sadly make up the bulk of the coffee you can get outside of a good coffee shop. The French press goes a long way to avoid this, but soaking ground beans in hot water alone is not enough. With the Bialetti, you can have rich, thick coffee in the comfort of your own home, without the cost or time consuming cleanup of an Espresso machine. They come in three, six, and nine cup models and the maintenance is as simple as rinsing the components in hot water. For less than you would pay for an average coffee maker, you can experience the kind of brew that people all over Europe enjoy every day.

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