Best OCR Softwares For Your PC

OCR is referred as Optical Character Recognition. It a scalable and futuristic technology which converts plenty of documents such as PDF files, captured camera images, scanned paper documents into an edible ready format.

Where is it used?

It is used when you have any form of paper document such as a PDF contract, brochure or magazine article which are sent by email.

How is it different from a Scanner?

It only converts a physical file to create a snapshot or a photo referred to as a raster image.

Therefore, if you repurpose and extract this kind of data, OCR software will isolate letters on an image and single them out into words and then sentences allowing you access and editing hence changes can be made on the document.

How is OCR Software Used?

The process of using OCR software is easy and has just 3 basic stages. The insides of the software may vary but for most, the functionality remains the same

  1. Opening/scanning document
  2. Recognition
  3. Saving the docs in a variety of formats (RTF, PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT, or HTML. As an alternative, you can even export the document to the MS Office application like Ms Word, Adobe format or Excel .

The best part about Modern OCS is that they can also run on automatic modes which are very helpful as you can automate the routine tasks. So you end up saving time

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an OCR Software


A lot of the users often think if the price of the product is actually dependent on the functionality of the product. This is a very valid question.

You definitely have to take into account the period over which you plan to utilize the software.

Some brands offer the more affordable option of monthly subscriptions which you can renew as opposed to outright purchases as they are costly. However, in purchasing you will benefit from the frequent software updates.


What functions does it have and does it benefit you.

OCR software that can convert mobile phone photos may be useful to some but not essential to many. Keep functionality in mind.


Will it be compatible with all of the applications in your system to ensure a smooth progress?

If you are well aware then here are the options that you can consider:


OmniPage Standard

The best feature of Omnipage software is the ability to recognize, detect and convert different languages. It even has the ability to save files as ebook formats.

Since it ensures originality in color, font and layout. This is also considered as the best OCR software.

All softwares OmniPage, Nuance made 2 versions are available for people with different needs. The Standard package is best suited for small and start-up companies. The Professional package best suited to companies that do larger scanning and printing operations as it allows simultaneous multiple accesses. The reason OmniPage is preferred over other OCR software is because it specializes in reading images from a digital camera, a cell phone and even a white board. This is due to the 3D correction technology that OmniPage uses. If you scan a crooked image, this correction technology has the ability to de-skew these images as well.

Acrobat DC

This is the latest version of Adobe’s OCR software. Everyone knows that when it comes to graphic design, animation, web design and desktop publishing, nobody does it better than Adobe.

Adobe has released various formats of Acrobat DC which largely depend on your needs: Pro and Standard versions. However, both have monthly subscription offers instead giving an alternative to purchasing. Purchasing, though expensive, will ensure that you have the most up-to date version of the program. An updated version comes with ease and comfort of use.

Although unlike OmniPage it does not deal with ebook formats, many find its user interface intuitive and simple to use. It also accurately exports image and PDF files to Word, Excel and other Office documents.

The Acrobat Pro DC is made up of three components. The first one is the standard Acrobat DC that allows you to edit PDF’s on your mobile and desktop. The second is the Adobe Document Cloud. This allows you to create and save PDF files. You can even send these files and use the cloud to collect electronic signatures. The third is the Acrobat Reader DC. This component will allow you to read as well as print PDF’s. In case you need to sign a PDF, this reader can help you do that as well.

ABBYY FineReader Professional 12

What makes this OCR different from others is that it has got its very own dedicated mobile application.

With the ABBYY FineReader Professional 12 OCR software, you will be able to extract any kind of data or even text from your screenshots or pictures. You will be able to convert JPEG files, TIFF files and paper files in PDF and PDF/A files that are searchable. This adds value to your system.

ReadIris 16

It is exceptional and can perform excellent text accuracy and language recognition. ReadIris Pro is capable of detecting text in more than 120 languages including Farsi, Korean, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew!

Sine it can perform very quick batch processing, it is considered as a very unique OCR software.

The ReadIris 16 version for MAC has the ability to split, merge, protect, edit and annotate as well as sign your PDF’s. A number of users also consider this OCR software to help convert all paper documents into a number of digital formats.


If you are a beginner then this is the best OCR software to have. It is the best to use and very informative. It has features such as a simple interface and numerous software support options. You even get a user manual is contained in the application making it the most user friendly OCR software yet.

Since the software is very accurate, it is equally better for advanced users.

Since it can be downloaded and installed in various platforms,  it to be used conveniently as and when required.

PDFelement will allow you to protect your files and organize them as well. This OCR software comes with the most competitive pricing and is combined with amazing features. If you are looking for complete control over your PDF files and looking to transform it, then PDFelement is perfect for you.

PaperPort Professional

A brilliantly created program which, in order to fully appreciate, you must set apart a significant amount of time to learn and refine your skills; that is if you prioritize a high degree of document organization and management alongside OCR.

With the help of PaperPort Professional, you can organize your PDF files, your application files and your photos. You will be able to access all your important documents wherever you are. All you need it a computer or a mobile phone that is connected to the internet. You can even scan paper documents or even take pictures with the help of a digital camera. This will ensure that none of your documents will ever be lost again.

ABBY PDF Transformer +

There are relevant mobile apps of this version. It does an exceptionally good job not only in scanning and converting, but batch processing needs. Although a bit technical to set it up, its user interface is simple, direct and flexible.

Power PDF Advanced

The most amazing feature of Power pdf OCR software is that even after you have converted certain information, you can make use of any of the microsoft tools and be able to export it.

If you are looking for the best PDF experience then Power PDF Advanced is the OCR software for you. You will be able to work in a smarter manner and create, read and edit documents in the blink of an eye. Your files will also be secure when you use this software.

Soda PDF

If you are someone who has less time then this is probably the best option for you. The providers of this software made available an online portal which one can access so long as there is reliable network connection!

There is also a download option.

In both, the user interface is simple, direct and contains all the required resources. Soda PDF particularly performs well with texts, documents and images. The process to download a third party app is little complex but you can refer to this guide to know how an app like Garageband can be downloaded and installed.

Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable OCR software making it a favorite to many.

No matter what you want to do, you will need smart OCR software to help with your daily tasks. No office is complete without a lot of filing and paperwork. However, disaster can strike at any time. This is something that you will need to be prepared for. The best OCR software will help organize and store all your paper work. This will keep you prepared in case of emergencies and you will even be able to access files on the go.

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