How To Choose The Best Laptop for Business Students

What kind of laptops are suitable for business students?

Laptops are some of the most integral purchases you will ever make. Just about everything you do requires a laptop, and without one, you are not doing yourselves a favor. A laptop can make you much more productive and it is essential to choose the best you can for your business school needs.

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Older laptops are much slower than the ones that have been released these last few years—yet still fast. The newer ones have improved on just about every aspect and even have a couple of interesting new features.

A carefully researched laptop purchase for business students may as well last a few years—at least for four years of college or high school. However, a poorly thought one may just as well become useless within a year. That is why, it is essential to ensure that you choose the right laptop for your business school/college.

Laptop Requirements for Business Majors

Processing Power and Hardware

Naturally, even before your specific needs are considered, it is a given that you should buy the laptop with the best bang for your buck. With the best features for your budget, brands may try to sway you towards inferior laptops, but you must always focus on whether it is really worth it.

For business schools, processing power is not that much of a concern. You would want to have something that is mid-range (or even an upper-low end) processor setup, and a discreet graphics card is unnecessary (unless you plan to game on it). However, gaming laptops are heavier, larger and may not be worth an investment if you have to bring the laptop every day to school. If gaming is a requirement, you might want to consider a worthwhile desktop setup instead.

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Laptop Suggestion for Business and Gaming

It might also be possible to save money by getting a decent Chromebook for performing work when you are roaming, then do the heavy work and gameplay in a desktop. A desktop can be made equally (or more powerful) for the same price as that of a laptop. A desktop also lasts more and is somewhat of a permanent computer than a laptop—a good investment choice. We are business students, after all.

RAM Needs

Business laptops are generally used for a wide-range of tasks, from word processing to spreadsheets to web browsing and e-mail. Nothing is particularly processor-intensive, but they do need ample amounts of RAM—since business users usually have a lot running in the background. 4GB RAM is the bare minimum, 8GB would be ideal and anything above that would be unnecessary.

Display and Keyboard

Then come the trackpad and the keyboard, both of which should be comfortable and tactile since you are going to be doing a lot of typing.  The display depends on your budget and it is your decision to make. If you want a nice full-HD display, it is going to increase the expenses occurred significantly, but it may be worth it.


Of course, a business laptop should be sturdy and should be able to withstand its share of drops and spills easily. Another important factor is the battery life. You are going to be using this laptop all day and you would need to use it outside in some cases. This is why, you should get one with the best possible battery life. You wouldn’t want to be looking for a plug in the middle of an important meeting now, would you?

Best Laptop Examples for Business School

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A proper college course research will help you determine the specific laptop and operating system needs. A Macbook Air is certainly more than anyone could ask for, that will also suffice a business student’s needs.

On the Windows counterpart, the Asus Flip 2-in-1 laptop is my favorite one. It is a convertible laptop under $500, has a responsive touchscreen powered by Windows 8.1 Pro, and a surprisingly fast Intel i5 processor clocking 2.2 GHz. There is no optical drive but has a handful of universal ports to keep it connected. The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard (helpful for late night assignments), is lighter at 3.8 lbs and costs less than $500. It truly is a good choice as the best laptop for business students.

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