Best Hybrid Desserts of 2014

Hybrid  noun

  1. Hybrid is defined as something that is a combination of two different things.

Now fuse the word hybrid to desserts, this would how it turns out.

Brownie Cookies by Brownies Unlimited

Brownie Cookies by Brownies Unlimited (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

Brownie Cookies 

The decadent creation is a brood of Brownie and chocolate chip cookie. You’ll less likely munch chocolate chip cookies after eating this. Brownie cookies are something to bring home for the kids.

This is the most delectable double chocolate pleasure I’ve ever had. It’s crispy on the edges but soft and chewy in the middle; so chocolatey. An absolutely heavenly chocolate fix!

Being a fan of Brownies, I got intrigued when Brownies Unlimited introduced their own creation. They had come up with uneven cut and more brittle Brownie cookies sold in jars. It can last up to days in a room temperature.

Sprinkled donut macarons

Sprinkled donut macarons (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

Donut Macaron

 Any idea what crossbreed masterpiece will turn out merging French macarons with donuts? The result is this sweet, sprinkled donut-like macarons.

The ingredients and the process of how the classic macaron are done are very similar with these ringed macarons though. The only tricky part is piping out the meringue in perfect circles to make it look like donuts. Candy sprinkles, melted chocolate, caster sugars and cinnamons added the donut impression.

Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate fudge ice cream cake (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

Ice Cream Cakes 

In America and Australia, ice cream cakes are popular for special occasions. It is formed with layers of ice cream alternately sandwiched by pieces of cakes. Other times, it could also be a simple blend of different flavors of ice cream in the style of a cake. Crushed biscuits or cookies are usually set as a crust topped with whipped cream to complement the texture of the cake.

From classic tiramisu, unique combinations had been developed over the years like almond crunch and chocolate mint chips. Dairy Queen and Cold Stone Creamery are well-known sellers of these cold desserts.

One time, I saw this cake from Amici: a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. And this berry cake in intricate design is one of their best sellers.

Rouge - Amici's ice cream cake

Rouge – Amici’s ice cream cake (Image by: Redelyn Juan)

Rouge is an ice cream cakecrusted with Graham crackers. It comes up with three layers of gelato (blueberry, strawberry and vanilla) layered with thin sheets of sweet chiffon cake. The berries were landscaped elegantly on top of flaming red gelatin that made it look so appetizing in the eye. It was kept frozen until served.

S'mores Cookies

S’mores Cookies (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

S’mores Cookies 

The well-liked campfire indulgence in the United States and Canada is now served in the form of a cookie!

This is in fact easier than it looks. The cookie dough and the s’mores are prepared individually.

Place chocolate squares on Graham crackers or chocolate cookies. Toast some marshmallows and put them on top of chocolates. Wrap with crackers and squeeze. Shape the soft cookie dough round the s’mores and put in the oven for 15 to 17 minutes.

Frozen Almond Brazo de Mercedez

Frozen Almond Brazo de Mercedez (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

Frozen Almond Brazo de Mercedez 

A white soft meringue filled with custard and vanilla ice cream on a chocolate Graham crackers; this is not the traditional roll type mercedez. The soft filling comes with a twist of almond paste and sliced almond nuts. It blasts four different flavors in your plate which is perfect served with coffee.


Cronuts (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)


Cronuts were invented by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. Launched on May 2013, it became famous in different parts of the world. Being the most talked about dessert, local pastry and donut stores had created their own version of cronuts too. Though a bit pricey, people are still patronizing it.

Cronuts have three flavors: sugared, glazed top or cream filled. Made of croissant dough and fried like donuts in grape seed oil, it tastes more of a donut than a croissant. The difference is that it’s got an awesome crisp layer outside, stuffed with vanilla cream, rolled in sugar and topped with frostings. Looks luscious, right?


Cronuts have a short shelf life so it is best to eat them fresh.

Don’t refrigerate as this will cause cronuts to go stale and mushy.


Year after year, new type of foods are being discovered. People got so many choices to choose from and it is so nice that they are not terrified of embracing hybrid desserts.


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